Huawei’s license with Google for Android operating system expires


Huawei’s licensing agreement with Google for Android operating system expires, your old Huawei Android smartphones will be at risk

As you all know the United States last year banned American businesses from collaborating with the Chinese smartphone manufacturer Huawei and the biggest casualty of this order are Huawei’s Android smartphones. Earlier we had reported how Huawei was forced to relaunch its old Android smartphones as a new edition because of the United States barring Google from allowing its Apps like Google Play Store, YouTube, etc from featuring on new Huawei smartphones.

An ongoing and renewed license had allowed Huawei to work together and continue supporting phones already in the hands of consumers with Android updates. But it seems that the Huawei Android Smartphone will no longer be getting security updates and further guidance as the company’s Android License with Google has expired, reported by The Washington Post

It is worth knowing that the license was designed to help rural communities in the US whose networks relied on Huawei equipment, offering time to acquire new equipment. However, for Huawei, it will be very difficult to survive with an expired Android License and the US ban on Huawei has forced most chip manufacturers like TSMC to abandon Huawei or risk getting banned themselves.

This pressure made it impossible for Huawei’s home-brewed chip manufacturing company HiSilicon to keep churning out chips. All this has resulted in Huawei and HiSilicon totally abandoning their Kirin SoC project.

Huawei hopes MediaTek can power future Huawei and Honor Android smartphones because it is already powering some of its low budget smartphones. MediaTek is based in Hsinchu, Taiwan, and doesn’t have any links with any U.S. manufacturer thus keeping it out of the purview of the U.S. ban. It remains to be seen whether MediaTek will cooperate with Huawei in direct difference to the Taiwan state policy and risk the U.S. ban.

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