Huawei re-releasing old Android smartphones with Google to beat America’s security ban


The United States banned Huawei citing cybersecurity issues, To beat the ban, Huawei releasing new editions of old Android smartphones

The United States has banned American businesses from collaborating with the Chinese smartphone manufacturer Huawei and the biggest casualty of this order are Huawei’s Android smartphones. Due to the ban, Huawei can’t carry Google Apps like Google Play, YouTube, and others on its new smartphones. And smartphones make a good 30 percent of its revenue. According to Ars Technica, Huawei is already expecting a 20-percent drop in smartphone sales in 2020 due to the US ban.

The ban is also affecting Huawei’s ability to launch new smartphones without Google components. Huawei smartphones with non-Google components work well in China but outside China, a smartphone without Google Play is as good as a dead smartphone. So Huawei has hit upon a unique idea. Re-release its old smartphones with a working Google license and sell them as a new edition.

Huawei’s top honchos have found a loophole in the U.S. security ban on Huawei products. According to the U.S. ban citing cybersecurity, Huawei products launched before the export ban can continue to be sold but collaborating with American companies for new devices is not allowed. So, Huawei has decided to circumvent the ban by launching new editions of old Huawei smartphones.

New Edition Huawei Android smartphones

Huawei has just announced the release of “Huawei P30 Pro New Edition,” which is a rejigged version of the earlier Huawei P30 Pro. Similarly, it is launching the new “P30 Lite New Edition” which was earlier sold as P30 Lite Android smartphone. Both these smartphones were launched in March 2019 so technically they still have a valid Google license to run Google Play and other Google services.

The new edition Huawei smartphones come with new hardware like more GB ram and internal storage. They also come with the Android 10 Huawei EMUI skin and a new Silver color.

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It seems a smart way for beating the U.S. export ban but the U.S. ban is here to stay. President Trump yesterday announced the extension of ban on Huawei products for a further period of 1 year. It is learned from sources that China is planning on labeling Apple an unreliable entity to revenge the Huawei ban.



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