Huawei crowned world’s top smartphone maker in April 2020 overtaking Samsung


Huawei’s dreams come true despite U.S. sanctions! Huawei crowned top smartphone maker for April 2020 surpassing Samsung

Ever since Huawei entered the smartphone manufacturing space, its only dream was to topple the ruling top smartphone makers like Apple and Samsung and become the numero uno of the smartphone biz. But its dreams were paid put when the United States announced a total ban on Huawei products in 2019 and extended it in 2020. This meant that Huawei could not use Google’s Android operating system and Google Apps like Google Play on its smartphones. It has even had to dump its Kirin SoC chip due to the ban. This did not deter Huawei, the company began re-releasing old Android smartphones with Google to beat America’s security ban.

All that seems to have helped Huawei gain the number one smartphone manufacturer position in the April 2020 Counterpoint statistics. While Counterpoint has not officially announced it, but a Chinese website, Tech-Sina claims that Counterpoint informed a Chinese App maker, Zhitong Finance App that global smartphone shipments in April were 69.37 million units, a year-on-year decrease of 41%. Samsung had smartphone market share of 19.1%, while Huawei came in first with 21.4% market share, Huawei has surpassed Samsung for the first time in history and successfully reached the top position in the world. But this was brief and only for the month of April 2020 and the results of Quarter 2 of 2020 will show that Samsung is still the number one in smartphone manufacturing.

How did Huawei emerge as the top smartphone maker despite the U.S. ban?

This is one question that has a surefire answer- coronavirus pandemic. The coronavirus pandemic undoubtedly helped Huawei secure the number one position in smartphones. There are reasons for this. China came out of coronavirus pandemic as of March 2020 and was comparatively safer compared to other parts of the world. Coronavirus pandemic started in China in December 2019 according to its officials and officially end in March 2020. Though researchers doubt the Chinese statement but China was getting back on its feet while the rest of the world was still grappling with the coronavirus pandemic.

In fact, the coronavirus pandemic started in the other parts of the world in late February and progressed globally thereafter. The ensuing lockdown/quarantine caused a drop in total smartphone shipments across the world. But China which has the world’s largest population was buying Huawei smartphones by dozens. This is the reason for Huawei to become number one in smartphone sales in April 2020.

But now, as the coronavirus effects fade away, the global smartphone buying is back and Samsung is back. However, Huawei already breathing down its neck and it is unknown how the U.S. ban will affect Huawei in the future as the world moves towards 5G technology.


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