Huawei claims images taken on Nikon D850 DSLR as taken from its smartphone; gets caught


Huawei gets caught for claiming images taken on Nikon D850 DSLR were taken with its smartphone

It is a known fact that Chinese companies often fudge data to give flowery and pompous results. Huawei was caught by alert Weibo user while trying to pass awe-inspiring images as“taken with Huawei smartphone.”

Huawei was recently running a promotion on Twitter’s Chinese cousin, Weibo. It posted a video comprising of stunning photographs with a caption reading as shot on Huawei smartphones. However, a smart Weibo user,  Jamie-hua immediately knew something was amiss. The images posted by Huawei has been skimmed of photography platform 500px. A little detective work showed that images were shot using the Nikon camera and its EXIF data also confirms the same.

The exact camera that shot the images is a $3,000 (Rs.2.00 lakh) Nikon D850 45.7 MP DSLR camera. Hua immediately tweeted the finding on Weibo and Huawei had to apologize for plagiarizing images as its own. Huawei said an unnamed editor had “wrongly marked” the photos in the promo video as “taken by Huawei phones.” The company also thanked the Hua for pointing out the discrepancy.

This is not the first time Huawei has plagiarized other content to pass it as its own. Earlier, Huawei had published a series of photos on Weibo captioning them as taken on Huawei P30 series smartphones. It was similarly caught and had to take the images down as well. Huawei at that time admitted that its promotional material could be misleading.

It is not understood why Chinese companies have to plagiarize content and fudge data to promote their products.

Source: South China Morning Post).


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