How to use your Linux office suite LibreOffice on your Android smartphone/iPhone


How to Use the Best Linux Office Suite – LibreOffice on Android and iOS smartphones

Many users use Linux based PCs or laptops. These Linux run PCs/Laptops have LibreOffice as an alternative to Microsoft’s Office, Word and Excel apps. Even those on Windows 7/Windows 10 PCs/laptops use LibreOffice as Microsoft Office suite is expensive and LibreOffice virtually comes for Free and offers similar if not more features.

However, the problem with using LibreOffice for documents and worksheets on your PC/laptop is that it can’t be shared on your smartphone as there is no LibreOffice App that can run on Android or iOS smartphones. While the Linux Foundation and The Document Foundation have been very enthusiastic about rolling out updates for LibreOffice, it is not so with smartphones.

Many expect The Document Foundation to release a LibreOffice app for iPhone and Android smartphones, that would allow them to work with documents, thereby saving huge amount of money spent on working with Microsoft’s Office suite. However, not much news is forthcoming. The Document Foundation says it’s not working on mobile versions of LibreOffice, as the focus right now is delivering the best experience on the desktop.

But all is not lost for Linux users who want to work with LibreOffice on their iPhones and Android smartphones. TDF is working on apps called Collabora which are currently offering a LibreOffice-based application on Google Play and Apple Store. You can install this Collabora App if you want the familiar LibreOffice experience on mobile. You can download the APK for Collabora App here.

Another dev community is also working on a LibreOffice mobile app that can already view documents. The LibreOffice core has some document editing capabilities if you are coding inclined.

“For more technically-oriented users: our developer community has been working on a mobile app, LibreOffice Viewer for Android, which also includes experimental editing support. This is not yet ready for widespread usage, but work is ongoing,” TDF explains.

For those who want to save money by removing Microsoft Office, Word, and Excel, you can download the desktop version of LibreOffice on Windows, Linux, and macOS.


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