How to use MAUI META 3G v6 to Restore IMEI for MTK Devices

06 Nov 2014

How to use MAUI META 3G v6 to Restore IMEI for MTK Devices

Since I started this blog and begin to starting guiding people to update there Android Devices especially MTK devices I got a lot complain about missing IMEI, losing signal network and how to fix it. Actually I am already had one guide on how to do it Several Method to Change IMEI for MTK Devices but seem this guide not 100% percent work, Because of this problem now I am trying to post another way how to restore IMEI using MAUI META 3G v6 and I hope this guide will solve IMEI problem.

Disclaimer :
This guide for educational purpose only, We not responsible if your device bricked after following this tutorial.  (DWYOR) 

How to use MAUI META 3G v6 to Restore IMEI for MTK Devices

Downloads :

  • MAUI META 3G v6 26.7 Mb, tool to use to for changing IMEI for MTK devices.
  • Android_Gadget_CDC driver that need to be installed first before changing IMEI, but if you ever use MTK Droid Tool and successful to connect then no need to install it, and make sure it installed correctly if not tool will not recognize your devices

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How to use MAUI META 3G v6 to Restore IMEI for MTK Devices
    1. Download all required tool and place in one folder for easy organized it, Android_Gadget_CDC must completely installed before continuing to the next step so please make sure it there is no question mark sign on computer device manager when you connect your device.
    2. Connect your device to your computer and copy BPLGUInfoCustomAppSrcP_MT6589_*** from /system/etc/mddb/ on your device to your computer, this is a modem do need when changing IMEI. I use Root Explorer as my Android windows explorer because it can navigate to /system without root access.
      How to use MAUI META 3G v6 to Restore IMEI for MTK Devices


    1. Disconnect your device and turn off, now install MAUI META 3G v6 and run it. On Maui META 3G v6 select Options ↦ Connect Smartphone into META mode make sure you check it, then click on Reconnect button. Signal light will be blinking red and green, and it will turn yellow when you successfully connect your device
      How to use MAUI META 3G v6 to Restore IMEI for MTK Devices


    1. Now connect your device (turn off condition), wait until charger battery disappear then press the Power button and hold for 2 seconds then release it and your devices will on META mode and MAUI META 3G v6 recognize your device If device turn lit then turn off your device and try again. (i need more than one to get this connected)
    2. After successfully connect your devices, now select IMEI Download (2), it will open IMEI download windows where you can edit your IMEI here
      How to use MAUI META 3G v6 to Restore IMEI for MTK Devices


    1. On IMEI download windows, click on Change NVRAM Database File and point it to BPLGUInfoCustomAppSrcP_MT6589_*** that already you copy to your computer in step 2.
      How to use MAUI META 3G v6 to Restore IMEI for MTK Devices


    1. Then insert your IMEI on the IMEI text box for SIM 1 or SIM 2, must be valid 14 digit IMEI number. Then just click Download To Flash button, success message can be seen on the bottom of MAUI META 3G v6

      How to use MAUI META 3G v6 to Restore IMEI for MTK Devices


  1. Done, now just press Disconnect button, and boot your device to home screen. Open dialer and try dial *#06# it will show your IMEI confirm it already change
    How to use MAUI META 3G v6 to Restore IMEI for MTK Devices
That all, So easy I hope this guide can help you solve IMEI problems. But it a great idea if you make backup NVRAM before modified your device, Please leave any comments when you found something problem regarding this guide.
    1. Perfectly working on my HTC Desire 616h Kudos for you.
      I am just a android user,this was the first time i tried fixing the booting problem,after successful flash,My mobile din't recognize the SIM, i googled for it and found your page 🙂
      Thank you very much for the Detailed steps.

  1. Dear Andy,

    Please share with my error I have followed till step 3, disconnect and turn off device and when I run Maui META 3G v6.1.316.1 by shows error message: Please install GPIB card driver and VISA32 or sometime shown Enumerate port error

    Please advise. Thanks

    1. Hi Andy,
      The above error msg may cause by Android_Gadget_CDC_driver, after I tried to connect it alerted for CDC driver so I installed it and work now.

      I want to know whether it works for Asus Zenfones or not since I browsed via ROOT explore I cannot find MDDB in phone system as I did on Lenovo.

      Could you please advise for any other brand such as Sony Ericsson, Samsung, ASUS Zenfones, etc. Does it work for these models?

      Thanks for your sharing!

    2. Oic nice work you done. Actually this guide is for mtk device only and sadly asus, samsung or sony don't have any device with mtk processors. And for another brand i still don't know how because it need me to find out first than study it. So sorry cannot help you more

  2. Hi andy,
    i am unable to go to Meta mode in lenovo P780. if i press and volume down button, my screen light up but no display,,, its all black and screen keep coming on and off.
    kindly help me to enter to meta mode.

    1. Installc dc driver is on your computer, if it say not enought memoory then check your harddisk. Just try like on the guide just try it again and again, read careful the guide and you will be able to change or insert your imei

  3. hey andy
    my imei not missing … but losing signal
    when i put sim card inside android… that sim card already active… but no signal …. it about 2 month i dont have signal…
    how to solve it??

    sory for bad language

    1. been trying to install maui meta v6 on windows 7 using winzip ( use evaluated version ) but its displaying " Error 1311.source file not found:"……….upload ASHAKAAS.INDONASIA…………….Verify thst the file exists and that you can access it. PLS HELP ASAP.

    1. ok, i already see the video, and i think it not on meta mode. because on meta mode your device not known as Lenovo S660 but known as PORT. so it will not show as windows icon. Turn off your device with battery, then connect wait until charger icon disappear then press power button, exact 2 second release power button and your device will be on META mode

  4. OK..thanks I fixed nvram error also..and I gonna install new ROM,they said wipe system also.can I wipe system?there backup this stock ROM….I need what items to backup like system,data and thanks for my mobile getting back signal!!!

  5. I did
    change nvram db file ……..MT6572
    write my imei ..-86802802147221 4
    when I Click download to flash
    some message : info please star dump memory.
    and message next
    execution timeout: dowload to flash
    then download to flash timeout .

  6. I have (No Signal) error and Invalid IMEI and in Wifi i find NVRAM WARNING ERR= 0x10.

    Handset model is Lenovo S850
    Android Version: 4.4.2
    Baseband:S850 ROW V108
    Build Number S850_ROW_S207

    When i connect MTK Droid, it should blue light. Pls Guide

    1. Yes My Phone is Lenovo S850.

      After following your guide (, Phone is not switching on – No response (Black Screen). Now again i have re- flashed it and restored IMEI. And stuck at same – No signal and NVRAM wifi error (But WIFI works)

      Further guide me….

      Handset model is Lenovo S850
      Android Version: 4.4.2
      Baseband:S850 ROW V108
      Build Number S850_ROW_S207

    2. The prosedur is, reflash the phone, then fix the nvram from link i has give to you. Then after fix the nvram then restore imei using maui meta. Have you select emmc on step 3 from the link i give to you? The link i give is the only way how to fix S850 signal problem, S850 is special only restore IMEI will not back your signal

    3. look the step by step, first fix the NVRAM so you got the signal back, after that look is the wifi still show error, if still error root the device than try to fix wifi error. if you still not have signal why you fix wifi, the most important think first. fix signal

    4. Andy, I reflashed and then download Root Explorer to Fix NVRAM. In Root Explorer i am unable to find any file in Data Folder (It say you have root your phone to view the file). Please Explain me clearly. I am unable to fix my phone.

    5. first is fix Signla, using S850 flashing NAND guide i give you, second is fix IMEI using this guide third if you still have problem with wifi errx10 than follow the guide from xda, if wifi no problem than no need to follow xda

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