How to use a free VPN in Android Smartphone


Setting up Free VPNs on your Android smartphones and Smart TVs

10 Best 100% FREE VPN Apps For Android Smartphones and Android TVs

There is no free lunch and there are no shortcuts in life but as with everything some big tech companies do give free VPN services if you know where to find them.

For those of who do not understand VPNs – They are Virtual Private Networks- meaning they come between you and the website you are visiting. If your country or your ISP has banned a particular website like a torrent website of NSFW website but it is available throughout the world, you can use an VPN to browse the torrent or the NSFW website. The VPN acts as a windows for you to explore the website while sending the details of the VPN to the service provider thereby bypassing the website ban.

Basically, most of the VPN providers will give you the chance to try their VPN, but at first the speed is slow and the download limit is always capped at a fixed sum. Most of them offer free services so that you can try them out and buy their premium services which come at around $25 (Rs.2500-Rs.3000) a year.

Another way is to download some Free DNS services Apps like App from Cloudflare. This is a unique Free DNS App that offers you VPN like qualities for free unless you want to download their Warp+ service. Even without Warp+. the Cloudflare App is pretty nifty and allows you to surf all the banned websites in a jiffy. You can download the Cloudflare App here.

However, there is a drawback in Cloudflare App. They may block some sites which the U.S. government has deemed unwanted.

Cloudflare has also launched its free DNS service for Windows and MacOS called for Families. This app is unlike the Android App and can censor adult content and block website in the name of blocking malware.

You can also download the Opera Browser which comes with a built-in VPN which lets you browse the banned websites and adult content for free. You can download the Opera Browser with Free VPN here. The only drawback is that you can only use the Opera Browser for surfing the blocked content and adult websites.

Now we are going to view some of the pure VPN service providers who offer some free download time before you have to purchase the premium services.

10 Best VPNs offering Free services for Android

ProtonVPN: Unlimited data, speed, and bandwidth. Easy-to-use, lightweight Android app.

Opera VPN: Unlimited VPN services provided you use their browser

Windscribe: Windscribe allows you to download 10GB of free data per month. It also provides services of malware blocking.

Speedify: You can use Speedify to surf privately for 5GB download of free data per month. allows you VPN surfing of about 2GB download of free data per month.

TunnelBear: You can surf banned and adult content websites for 500MB download of free data per month.

Betternet: Surf banned and adult websites for 500 MB of free data per day.

Hotspot Shield: You can try it out for seven days or 500MB of free data per day.

NordVPN: You can try out for 30-days

PrivateVPN : PrivateVPN gives you unlimited surfing for seven day

Remember there are tonnes of Android Apps on Google Play Store promising to offer free VPN services but most of them are cheats. Most of them trick you into downloading them and run free Ads or take over your browsers. Some of them even require you to take surveys or watch videos so it is preferable if you stick to the above 10 free VPN Apps for Android smartphone and Smart TVs or use Cloudflare’s free DNS.

I will also write a tutorial about how to change your DNS to 8.8.8,8 and delink it from your smartphone’s default DNS. In the meantime, if you find a free VPN Android App which is worthy of mention here, please contact us for the benefit of other readers.


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