How to Update Lenovo S860 with International Firmware Version ROW_S405

18 Feb 2015

How to Update Lenovo S860 with International Firmware Version ROW_S405 – New update for Lenovo S860 international firmware already roll out, this update have build number S860_ROW_S405_150126, according to Lenovo site this update can also be obtain with OTA update from build number S404.
Today guide is how to flash the new version firmware and update Lenovo S860 with it, this guide can will re install your Lenovo S860 system operation so it will erase all data on your device and this guide also have possibility to brick your device.
This firmware reported only for european device only (2 GB RAM) and never reported work or try on china device (1 GB RAM), but if you wanna try on china device please make sure you have all backup that need and always change modem firmware after finish.

Disclaimer :
This guide for educational purpose only, We not responsible if your device bricked after following this tutorial.  (DWYOR) 

Note :
If your phone from china with 1GB memory, then after apply this update you must flash the modem file (Root  TWRP  modem), Otherwise your 3G will not work and sometimes the left SIM slot will not work too. 

How to Update Lenovo S860 with International Firmware Version ROW_S405

ROM Descriptions :

  • Build Number : S860_ROW_S405_150126
  • Date : 26.01.2015
  • OS : Android 4.4.2 KitKat
  • Languages : Russian , Ukrainian, English, Arabic, Spanish, French, Chinese, Vietnamese, Indonesian, Malaysian, Thai
  • Google Applications : Include
  • Root : Not
  • Type : Full image
Downloads :
  • S860_ROW_S405_150126 1 Gb, contains all required images to update Lenovo S860 to ROW_S405 firmware version.
  • USB VCOM driver driver for all Lenovo devices, must be installed manually
  • SP Flash Tool v3.1324 flash tool to update Lenovo S860, recommended using this version only.

Requirement :

  • Because this guide is using flash tool, then you must make sure that USB VCOM driver is completely installed on your computer, how to install USB VCOM driver :
    • turn off your device and remove the battery, If you device using non removable make sure that your device is completely turn off
    • open device manager on your computer
    • connect your device using USB cable
    • there will be MTK65xx Preloader Devices show on your device manager, PORT section for 5 second or less and then disappear
    • disconnect and connect your device again, right click on MTK65xx Preloader Devices before it disappear, select Update Driver Software 
    • point it USB VCOM extracted folder, and install the driver from there.
    • disconnect and connect your device again, there will be Mediatek PreLoader USB VCOM Port on your device manager PORT section.
How to Update Lenovo S860 with International Firmware Version ROW_S405
  1. Download all required files and save it on the same folder, before continued to the next step please make sure that USB VCOM driver is already completely installed on your computer, without this flash tool will not recognize your device.
  2. Extract ROM download and you will find target_bin and flash_tool folders, only need these 2 folders and ignore the other. 
  3. Go to flash tool folder and run flash_tool.exe, if you are running windows 7 or later please run this using administrator privilege to avoid any permission error. 
  4. On the flash tool please give check on DA DL All with Checksum option and then click on Scatter-Loading button, point it on target_bin/MT6582_Android_scatter.txt this will load all images required to flashing Lenovo S860 to flash tool.
    How to Update Lenovo S860 with International Firmware Version ROW_S405
  5. Finish configure all, now you can click Download button or hit F9, flash tool will begin initialize the ROM and get ready to make connection to your device. Wait until flash tool become stand by
  6. Turn off your device, because Lenovo S860 using non removable battery you must make sure it completely turn off before connect your device to computer. Wait 10-20 seconds after turning off your device, now connect your device to your computer using USB cable. 
  7. Flash tool will begin recognize your device and starting the flashing process, the flashing process will take 5-6 minutes to finish. It finish when you can see GREEN CIRCLE in the middle of flash tool.
    How to Update Lenovo S860 with International Firmware Version ROW_S405
  8. Done, Now you can disconnect your device and try to boot it, first boot will take longer around 4-5 minutes to complete, please be more patient. Verify the build number on the System Settings ↦ About Phone ↦ Build Number make sure it same with the download file.
  9. Now you need to do factory reset and set your home country, open Dialer and dial #### 682 #, the phone will be reboot and apply country code to recovery. After completely start open Dialer again and dial ####8888## this will do factory reset.
Done, Congratulations you have update Lenovo S860 with firmware version ROW_S405 this is the latest release with many bug fix. Please leave any comments if you found any problem or broken links regarding this guide, Thank you
  1. Hello I have problem with step number 9.
    When i wrote code : #### 682 # it write me could not read factory ota patch from SD card…
    And when i write code ####8888## it write me: cannot continue is not set.

    But when i check my firmware and modem everything is OK

    Can you help me ?

    Thank you

  2. hi andy.. using s860 china version 1GB. managed to flash using firmware upgrade however on step 9, after dialling ####682#,an error box appears saying " could not read factory ota patch from SD card, Or the patch is not correct"

    Kindly advise.. Thanks

  3. Bro. Thank you for this tutorial. I got my S860 system crashed last month.

    I use the latest SP Flashtool (, got downloaded from the official site ) on Win 10 and it's work well. I did not do the last step (no 9) because it's already in the proper build number for the firmware at my phone.

    Keep up the good work and kind regards from Jogjakarta.

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