How to Update Lenovo A850 with A850_ROW_S127_140303 Latest Firmware

24 Jul 2014

How to Update Lenovo A850 with A850_ROW_S127_140303 Latest Firmware – Today i will post a guide on how to Update or Restore or Flashing Lenovo A850 using Multi Language ROM. When you bought Lenovo A850 from china you will got a CN firmware installed on your device this CN firmware just only contains 2 languages CN and EN, Not include google applications and a lot chinese firmware that you cannot use it unless you are in china. So the solution is install the ROW (Restof World) firmware to your device. Before we start, this guide can make your device brick and i am not gone responsible about that, so please consider it before follow this guide.

Disclaimer :
This guide for educational purpose only, We not responsible if your device bricked after following this tutorial.  (DWYOR)

Rom Descriptions :

  • Build Number : A850_ROW_S127_140303
  • Date : 03-03-2014
  • OS : Android 4.2.2
  • Languages : Russian , Ukrainian, English, Arabic, Spanish, French, Chinese, Vietnamese, Indonesian, Malaysian, Thai
Downloads :
  • A850_ROW_S127_140303 This download required you to login, if you don’t have any username or password then please visit at About Android Rookies page. You can see our username and password please use it just for download and don’t change any password on it.
  • A850_ROW_S128_140627 792.5 Mb, New update for Lenovo A850, can be obtain with OTA update from S127 ROM with standard Lenovo recovery
  • USB VCOM Driver Install this driver first on your computer, Turn off your device and remove the battery, using USB cable connect your device while look at My Computer ↦ Manage ↦ Device Manager there will be MTK65xx Preloader Devices show up for 5 second than disappeared, before disappeared right click on it and select Update Driver Software point it to USB VCOM Driver extracted folder. When it finish disconnect and connect again there will be Mediatek PreLoader USB VCOM Port on your device manager.
    Update Lenovo A850 with Multilanguage ROM
  • SP Flash Tool v3.1320  this is an optional download, because when you download A850_ROW_S127_140303 you will also get this tool.
How to Update Lenovo A850 with A850_ROW_S127_140303 Latest Firmware
  1. Download all required files to your computer, Before we start please disconnect your device from your computer. Extract it to one folder for easy organize it, and make clear name for the folder.
  2. Now go to SP Flash Tool v3.1320 extracted folder and run Flash Tool, when you are using windows 7 please run it with administrator privilege. Tick on option DA DL All with Check Sum, don’t forget about this option because it will make your flashing error. Click Scatter-Loading button and navigate to A850_ROW_S127_140303/target_bin/MT6582_Android_scatter, this will automatically load all necessary file to SP Flash Tool
    How to Update Lenovo A850 with A850_ROW_S127_140303 Latest Firmware
  3. When all set like picture above, now click Download button or hit F9, Don’t click format when use SP Flash Tool it will delete your NVRAM partition, wait until SP Flash Tool initialize and become stand by.
  4. Turn off your device and remove the battery. Connect your device to computer, SP Flash Tool will recognize your device and begin to start the flashing  process. 
  5. Flashing process mark by progress bar on the bottom, it will show RED, YELLOW and finish by GREEN CIRCLE on the middle of SP Flash Tool. When it show then you can disconnect your device.
    How to Update Lenovo A850 with A850_ROW_S127_140303 Latest Firmware
  6. Done, now your Lenovo A850 already using A850_ROW_S127 firmware, you can verify it on System Setting ↦ About Phone
    How to Update Lenovo A850 with A850_ROW_S127_140303 Latest Firmware

Now enjoy your new firmware, This firmware support transfer to SD Card, so you can move your installed applications to SD Card. Go to Settings  Apps, choose the application/game you want to move to SD Card and press Move to SD Storage button. Thank you for reading, please leave any comments if you have problems regarding this guide.
  1. andy..
    this rom can select default write storage? can receive OTA updates?
    and what's the difference with S121 by Linerty ?
    i heard everyone said S121 by linerty is the most STABLE rom for lenovo a850.

    have u experience any issue with this ROM?
    kindly advise 🙂

    1. Hi,
      No there is no option to write default write disk to ezternal memory, i think s121 is a modified rom so it has the option. For OTA update as long as you don't modified rexocery file, i think you can still received and do OTA update. I believe latest version fix previous version bug, so if you feel s121 is stable than s127 is more stable that it.

  2. Hello.
    So I followed your instructions but when it come to actually flashing the phone it came up with this error:

    SP FLASH TOOL ERROR: ( 8038 )

    [Android Download] PMT is ready and Layout has been changed!
    Please use FIRMWARE UPGRADE instead of download to avoid important data lost.

    So do I follow as it says?
    Sorry am new to this….

    1. Hi Andy,after done flashing s128 rom,my phone cannot turn on,cannot boot to recovery and my pc does not detect my phone.My phone came with CN Firmware,so i decided to flash this rom.Hope you find the solution.

      Please reply as fast as you can

      Thank in Advance.

    2. hi,
      remove battery for a view minutes, don't put it back. after few minutes try to connect your phone to your computer, see if your computer will detect your device as PORT. if it detected just flash the RIGHT rom for your device.

    3. how if you do flashing with flash tool, are your device got detected by flash tool ?
      because this can be your device not show in the computer device manager but it already become PORT and can be detect by flash tool. Or it can you flash the wrong file and shutdown your device.

    4. you only need to flash it back, but if your phone completely dead it called hardbrick it because you wrong flashing ROM to your device that make your phone preloader missing. if this the situation then you must bring your phone to lenovo service center because only they can fix it

    5. i thought you ask to muhammad huzaifah, it depend is your device is detect by your computer or not ?
      if yes what show on device manager while your connect your device, is MTK preloader VCOM USB or else ?
      if not then bring to service center for motherboard replacement,

    6. thanks andy for your fast reply message..its detect nothing..when i charge the phone led notification didn't show any led color..but if i connect the phone and pull the battery out and connect to pc..only red led appears..i have no warranty anymore..any idea why i need to change my motherboard??..i'm really thanks to you andy..while i'm frustrating with this problem you are here to help me and explain to me..

    7. i mean is, try connect your device without battery then look at device manager on your computer. What it show ?
      many update erase the preloader on the device motherboard, so it need to change. So the motherboard know that it Lenovo A850.
      Mediatek Preloader USB Vcom –> show this on normal motherboard, else then bring to service center to replace motherboard

    8. hai andy…my old lenovo rom is s203..then i'm just download the old ROM at here . then using flash tool..then firmware upgrade to ROM s203 back..then my phone can turn on. i'm using both win8.1 and win7..but when i using win8.1 then firmware upgrade not running..idk why..then i'm using other PC with win7. all process done with successful. now the new problem is..i can't factory reset with this new ROM..btw..this ROM is great can move apps to SD card..:D..thanks andy for your reply..:)

    9. I alrdy try what you ask to do..but my phone don't have recovery mode. after that I continue my research then I find how to install recovery mode at here that I can go to recovery mode..backup recovery image then factory reset..all work great after that..this is my first time doing this..I think I like doing some crazy stuff..:D..

    1. don't say not working, said the error number, error message or anything that describe the error. error 8038 can be solve by using firmware upgrade button instead download button. If it result an error said the error number or error code.

  3. Hei if i update my version into the newest one could the chinese language that i can't read chg into a language that i can read, it make my life easier, coz half of this phone using chinese language…and it make me mad coz of their system

    1. hi,
      lenovo has 2 version firmware, china and international version. This guide is using international version which is remove all china settings and china applications and it already include google applications.
      I guess your firmware now is china version, because it contains china language and china applications

  4. if your phone cant turn on after flashing using this rom, just flash it back..this time try to push volume up+volumedown + on button repeatly untill your flash tool detect your phone..continue to flash it back..if your phone still cant turn on ( only red led showing) try to use another rom..this is how they solved the bricked phone that used wrong rom..hope this help

  5. Thanks friend Andy for this great tutorial, I helped save your great wisdom and teaching work my lenovo phone A850, which came throwing problems home with rom bringing of fabgrica, you're big brother, I wish you can continue creciendote and constructive progress in all facets of your life, thanks billion thanks to you, go ahead ….

  6. hi andy,
    my lenovo currently using a850_s203_140208..i already root n install cwm.the problem is i can't flash any custom rom,either using cwm @ sp flash tool.when i try to flash using cwm,my fon will stuck on the china logo.and if i use sp flast tool,my fon cannot turn on at all.
    can you please advise me what rom should i used and how?
    thanks in advance.

    1. hi,
      first make sure you already completely root your phone, use check root tool on the play store.
      stuck on logo can be solve by factory reset the phone or reflash again.
      if you flash the right ROM using flash tool i think the problem will not show

  7. Hi Andy..
    How can i recover my A850 missing baseband.
    My computer also didn't recognize the phone.
    When i'm trying to flash using spftool,the "BROM ERROR" encounter..
    Any idea's or suggestion??
    Thanks in advance.

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