How to unlock Bootloader Sony Xperia M C1905


How to unlock Bootloader Sony Xperia M C1905 – Unlock boot loader can be done if Sony allowed you to unlock it, some device is restricted to be unlock by Sony. If you wanna root, modified your system operation or to change any system settings then you need to unlock your device boot loader.
But unlock it boot loader also can be risk, a common problem is your device become boot loop so if you wanna unlock it please consider it first.
In this tutorial unlock boot loader will be conducted using fastboot. I hope after reading this tutorial it will increase you knowledge about Sony Xperia M and Android.

Disclaimer :
This guide for educational purpose only, We not responsible if your device bricked after following this tutorial. Do with your own risk rooting void your device warranty.

Requirements :

    How to unlock BootLoader Sony Xperia M C1905

    1. First you must confirm that your device can be unlocked by checking the service menu. In your device enter dialler and enter *#*#7378423#*#* to access to service menu.
    2. In service menu windows select Service Info > Configuration > Rooting Status. If Bootloader unlock allowed : Yes then you can continue to next step while if Bootloader unlock allowed: No then you device canno be unlock
      How to unlock BootLoader Sony Xperia M C1905
    3. Now open Sony website to register your IMEI and to get unlock code. Open scroll until you reach the bottom and click Start unlocking the boot loader button.
      How to unlock BootLoader Sony Xperia M C1905
    4. On next page scroll until bottom again and click Continue button.
      How to unlock BootLoader Sony Xperia M C1905
    5. Then click Yes, i’m sure

    6. Check the 2 checklist and then press I accept button
      How to unlock BootLoader Sony Xperia M C1905
    7. Next, and the last fill all fields on the form using your valid information, and then click Submit button. please use valid email address cause the unlocking code will be sent to your email address.
      How to unlock BootLoader Sony Xperia M C1905
    8. Write the unlocking code that sent to your email, now we can unlocking your phone. Next process we will begin the process so please backup your phone first, cause there will be possibility that we must wipe your data / factory reset or even to re-flashing your device.
    9. Turn off your phone and go to fast boot menu. press Volume Up while attach your phone to computer using USB cable. 
    10. Extract fastboot to drive C:, Open command prompt windows and go to C:Android
    11. Check if your device already detect by computer, type C:Android>fastboot.exe -i 0x0fce getvar version
      How to unlock BootLoader Sony Xperia M C1905
    12. If your device already being detect, now i time to unlock your boot loader. type C:Android>fastboot.exe -i 0x0fce oem unlock 0xKEY
    13. KEY is mean unlock code that you got from email, don’t forget that there is 0x if front of KEY
      How to unlock BootLoader Sony Xperia M C1905

    14. Done, unlock your device and try to turn on. if it can boot normally then your Sony Xperia M C1905 already unlock with successfully
    Congratulations !! , now you have learn How to unlock BootLoader Sony Xperia M C1905 if you have any problem please don’t hesitate to leave comments about your problem.

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    7 years ago

    hello, i got issues after unlock bootloader process…my device stuck on Sony logo after reebot….help pls!!

    7 years ago
    Reply to  AndsonKac

    This means your device bootloop, cannot be boot as normal and stuck at sony logo. This condition can be fix with factory reset or by re flashing your device. Tell me how can it be on this situation

    Juan Alberto Rodríguez González

    Hi hello I have the same problem after that to unlock bootloader the logo after xperia image

    7 years ago

    You mean stuck at xperia logo? My answer is same. This situation only can fix with re flash your rom or try to factory reset first.

    Juan Alberto Rodríguez González

    Ok so How Can I make a factory reset or flash my rom without turn on my phone?

    7 years ago

    Go to fast boot menu, turn off your phone. Turn on while holding volume up. You will get fast boot menu. You can find factory reset there

    Juan Alberto Rodríguez González

    And how to that?