How to Swap Memory External to Internal Samsung Galaxy Ace 2


How to Swap Memory External to Internal Samsung Galaxy Ace 2 – Most of middle range android phone has 4GB internal memory and it share between the main Android OS partition, the main internal memory where application are installed and the phone storage. So it actually you have only not more than 2 GB for use to place all your applications, and to be honest it was not enough. The only solution for this is swapping Android’s external and internal SD card so that i can get my SD card’s size as my internal memory.

Disclaimer :

This guide for educational purpose only, We not responsible if your device bricked after following this tutorial. 

This is how we can do this,
The only condition for this tutorial is your phone must has been Rooted because we need to modified a system file. It best to do full backup first before follow this tutorial because in any circumstances modified system file is very dangerous.

How to Swap Memory External to Internal Samsung Galaxy Ace 2

  1. Download Root Explorer and install it. Or if you have any explorer applications that can explore root directory is OK to use it, but i am recommended for use Root Explorer because it easy for use.
  2. Navigate to /system/etc folder and mount it as R/W (Read/Write)

  3. Find vold.stab file, copy it to your sd card or to your computer, anywhere that have text editor.
  4. Open vold.stab and find the lines like below
  5.  Replace sdcard with ext_card and ext_card with sdcard, like below
  6. After finish with modification, put back the modified vold.stab to /system/etc/ but before that rename the original vold.stab to vold.stab.bat
  7. Set the permission of modified vold.stab to rw-r–r–, to change permission from Root Explorer long press on it and it will pop up options menu.
  8. Now reboot your system for changes.
  9. Done, if you wanna restore it just delete the modified vold.stab and rename vold.stab.bat back to original.
Now you have your sd card’s size as your internal memory enjoy it by installing as many full HD game that you have. Thank you for reading this guide please comments if you have any problem and please share this guide so anyone can enjoy using Android Phone.

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