How to sideload any Android app on my Android TV?


Here is how you can sideload any Android application on your Android TV

Sideloading is the installation of an application on a device without using the device’s official application-distribution method. To enable sideloading on an Android OS device you need to simply check a box in the operating system settings. Once sideloading is enabled, the user can download and install applications from any website or third-party app store.

Sideloading offers device users a way to access more applications then Google Play, but it is important for the end user to understand that sideloading a third-party app can pose risks. Commercial app stores screen for malware and other threats and assume responsibility for digital rights management (DRM). Third-party apps may not have been screened for malware and may be pirated.

Coming to sideloading on your Android TV, there are a few different methods of transferring APK files to Android TV, like installing a cloud file manager on your TV, or going through the difficult process of setting up ADB on a computer. Well, a better way of installing the apps is to use ‘Send files to TV,’ application which can be downloaded on your TV and allow you to sends files to an Android TV over your local network.

How to sideload any Android app on Android TV?

  1. First you need to download and install Send Files to TV app on your Android TV and your smartphone, the app can be downloaded from here.
  2. After Installing, open the Send files to TV app on your TV and select the ‘Receive’ option to start the receiver.
  3. Now you need to open the app on your smartphone and press Send.
  4. Select the downloaded apk file of the application you want to run on your Android TV
  5. Once the file transfer is done, you should be able to select the file on your TV, then press the ‘Open’ option. You will get a prompt to install the application.

Note: If you cannot select the file and click on OPEN, then you need to open the file from your installed file manager on your Android TV. Also you will require to allow installation from unknown sources option checked in the settings which will be prompted once you start installing the app.

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