How to secure your Facebook account on Android?


Of all the accounts you have got whether online or offline, Facebook must be one of the top priorities for you. And why shouldn’t it be? It contains all of your important information such as your biographical data, pictures, videos, contacts, and so much more. Since hacking is more common nowadays and tricks like ethical hacking and Z Shadow hacker have made Facebook accounts more vulnerable, you have got to be more careful these days. Well, since most of the people using Facebook these days are on their smartphones such as Androids, we had to come up with a unique guide which would show you how to secure your Facebook account on Android. This guide contains all the important tips and tricks to keep your account safe and has a better social media experience. So without any further, let us begin our guide.

Different Methods to Secure your Facebook Account on Android.

So here is a list of some top tips and tricks which can be very useful while you tend to protect and secure your Facebook account on Android. Make sure that you take all of these measures and people who want to invade your account will never get into it.

  • One of the easiest methods of hacking a Facebook these days is with Z Shadow. Well, if you want to know how this method works, you can read this guide to learn all about it. Once you have read the guide and know how it works, it should not be difficult any longer to protect yourself from it. All you have got to do is to not open any link about which any of your friends ask to enter your credentials such as ID and password because when you do, it forwards directly to the hacker on Z Shadow and thus you get hacked.
  • There are different privacy options on Facebook such as you can either share your stuff with Public or you can restrict into your friends. Well, it quite recommended that you keep your stuff only to your friends since they are the ones you know and they are the ones who do not have evil thoughts about that in mind. Exposing your information to the public with ‘Public’ privacy settings makes you vulnerable to all the stuff that could go wrong. So make sure that you turn your privacy settings to ‘Friends’ from ‘Public’.
  • Changing your Facebook password after fixed intervals of time could be a nice policy. When you keep your password for too long and if someone some day notices you entering it, they may use it. However, you can avoid this by changing your password frequently. Also, make sure that your password is a strong one which is hard to guess so that it may not be possible for everyone to read it while you are entering it.
  • Don’t leave your account logged in on other people’s phones. If you do open it for some important work from someone’s phone, make sure to log out and never use the save password option.
  • Make sure that you are using extra security features from Facebook which are there solely to protect your account.

So these were some of the top tips or methods with which you can secure your Facebook account on Android.


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