How to Rooting Lenovo S920 with Android KitKat ROW version

18 Sep 2014

How to Rooting Lenovo S920 with Android KitKat ROW version – Today’s guide is about rooting, now i wanna share how to rooting Lenovo S920 running Android KitKat. This guide only can be used for ROW firmware only so if you are using CN firmware sorry you cannot try this guide, But before following this guide i am very recommended you to do full backup, follow How To Make Full Backup Mediatek Device this backup can be restore using Flash Tool.
Before starting the guide i must tell you that this guide have possibility to brick your device and had chance to fail, so please very consider if you wanna follow this guide.

Disclaimer :
This guide for educational purpose only, We not responsible if your device bricked after following this tutorial. Even this guide is already tested but it has possibility to brick your phone, (DWYOR)

How to Rooting Lenovo S920 with Android KitKat ROW version

Downloads :

  • Lenovo Standard Recovery  ↦ 4.8 Mb, this contains Lenovo S920 Android KitKat Row standard recovery, Used this for backup or in case there is something bad happen. Flash using SP Flash Tool. But if you have full backup then recommended to use your full backup recovery.img
  • CWM for Android KitKat ↦ 5.6 Mb, contains custom recovery CWM for Lenovo S920 for using in Android KitKat ROW version.
  • USB VCOM Driver  Install this driver first on your computer, Turn off your device and remove the battery, using USB cable connect your device while look at My Computer  Manage  Device Manager there will be MTK65xx Preloader Devices show up for 5 second than disappeared, before disappeared right click on it and select Update Driver Software point it to USB VCOM Driver extracted folder. When it finish disconnect and connect again there will be Mediatek PreLoader USB VCOM Port on your device manager.
    How to Rooting Lenovo S920 with Android KitKat ROW version
  • SP FLash Tool 3.1324 Tool for flashing recovery file to your device, this is primary tool for MTK devices.
  • King User v3.4  root application that can be install via custom recovery. don’t extract this file.
How to Rooting Lenovo S920 with Android KitKat ROW version
  1. Download all required files to your computer, places all downloaded files on one folder for easy organize it. Please make sure that USB VCOM driver are installed completely before continued to the next step. 
  2. Move or copy King User v3.4 to your external SD Card.
  3. Extract CWM for Android KitKat and SP FLash Tool 3.1324 on the same folder. go to SP FLash Tool 3.1324 extracted folder and run Flash_Tool.exe, on the Flash Tool check DA DL All with Checksum option this is important option that must not forgotten. Click on Scatter-Loading button and point it to CWM for Android KitKat extracted folder and select MT6589_Android_scatter_emmc.txt, the recovery.img will be automatically load with check box already checked.
    How to Rooting Lenovo S920 with Android KitKat ROW version
  4. When everything already set up, now press Download button or hit F9, this will trigger warning that warm all not images completely load, confirm it with press Yes button
    How to Rooting Lenovo S920 with Android KitKat ROW version
  5. Turn off your device and remove the battery, wait 5 second then connect your device to your computer. SP Flash Tool will begin recognize your device and start the flashing process, The process will take only 5-10 seconds and when you see Green Circle in the middle of Flash Tool that mean you can disconnect your device. 
    How to Rooting Lenovo S920 with Android KitKat ROW version
  6. Done, now custom recovery already installed on your device. Disconnect your device and turn on with press and hold Power Button + Volume Up + Volume Down and release until you can see CWM main menu.
  7. on CWM main menu go to Install Zip from SD Card ↦ Choose Zip from SD Card point it to King User
    How to Rooting Lenovo S920 with Android KitKat ROW version

  8. Wait the process and you are done.
now you are successful rooting and install custom recovery on your Lenovo S920 running Android KitKat Row version, I hope this guide can help you solve rooting Android KitKat problems, if you have problems regarding this guide please leave comments so i help you with your problems.

  1. Sorry, something went wrong in my sisters phone though, I'm using another computer for hers and I can't extract the CWM For Android KitKat as it keep saying the disk image file is corrupted. So when I open the flash tool and press the text, no image check box was checked and there are no address or location when I check one of it so it didn't complete, please help

    1. hi,
      could you just copy the file from you pc to hers, because as far as i know corrupt downloaded file can be happen because bad internet access. no image check because flash tool cannot select the image file, maybe corrupt or missing image file

    1. Try to maunt manual, go to mount and storage at cwm main menu, then try mount /emmc but sd card not mount on /emmc so why this problem bother you? Are you modified your partition? Maybe get bigger /data partition? Or something, because only you that get error cannot mount sd card

    1. Yes it not an exe file, you must manually install USB VCOMbto your computer, it already describe how to install it on your xomputer. You can see it at usb vcom download link, just read more careful and implement it to your computer

    2. it's always disappear after install driver?
      i use 3 PC on xp n 7, same result (always disappear), even i download 3 time's and use another cable.
      when using flash tool device must on or ? it's on battery or without?
      please help me
      #Pusing ahh

    3. hi,
      turn off device and remove battery, connect your device while open device manager. it will pop up on PRT & LPT section for 2-3 second before disappear, before disappear right click it and point to USB VCOM extracted folder. done, try to begin flashing if flash tool not detect your device then try once again.

    4. Done.Thanks a lot .fast respond
      maybe need more specific on after install driver (device off no battery) then unplug cable, after that run flash tool with step 3 and plug device (device off no battery) and so on so on.
      5 Thumbs up for u

  2. Dear Andy,

    Thank you for what you try to help others with sharing these information,

    My s920 has be apdated to VIBUI version, i tried to bring it back with different ways that you explained but i always got error message number (8038) please advice what to do?


    1. Hi raad,
      Vibe ui is an android. Lenovo has 2 kind of firmware which is android. China version and international version. China firmware is only has 2 language english and china and the international firmware also called ROW is has multi language and has google applications inside it. I guess your firmware is china versiin with vibe ui 2.0, look at about phone. And vibe ui is just user interface. This guide is for ROW version or international version root guide.

    2. Dear Andy,

      Thank you so much for fast reply, yes the vibe ui in my phone is china version which did not accept to install google play, can you guide me to re install android again to my phone so i can install google play?
      I tried to install google play following your instruction but the Root Explorer in chines only which i cannot understand, also i tried to root my phone system following your instruction but i got FLASH TOOL ERROR (8038) hope you can explain how to go over that error,
      I do appreciated your help


    3. Dear Andy,

      I was try to do root to same phone after i install 4.4.2 following your advice, now and after i restart my phone as you describe in paragraph 7 i cannot find INSTALL ZIP FROM SD, i only find update from sd, please advice


    4. First make sure the phone used international or row version firmware. Look at about phone, see at build number. Second please make sure cwm is completely install on your device. Step 3- 5 is installing cwm custom recovery that need to install king user application.

    5. Dear Andy,
      Thank you for fast reply, my phone is international firmware, that what you guide me to do last time.
      About steps 3-5 i do successfully and every thing go smooth and it show the green OK after connect the phone, but when i disconnect the phone and start by push and hold powe+volumup+volumdown and after I can see CWM main menu, the option for ( Install Zip from SD Card) Does not exist in CWM main menu.
      Please Advice

    6. hmm that weird, you said you has done this before right ? i suspect you do wrong flashing cwm file. because cwm, twrp, carliv, etc always have install zip from sd card menu.
      but sorry you have to verify that you flash the right cwm file.

    7. Dear Andy,

      I download all the files you uploaded above in one folder, i transfer King User v3.4 to my external SD Card, and after that i follow exactly the instruction and every thing go well, after the green download message i disconnect the phone and start it following your instruction, i did not find the ( Install Zip from SD Card),
      Note:I did not extract King User v3.4 when i transfer to my phone i keep it as ZIP file,also i do download 2 time after i did not find ( Install Zip from SD Card) and on the phone in the way you described and same thing, no ( Install Zip from SD Card) in the list.

      Hope you can advice

    8. hi ahmed, for recovery download file there is 2 files. and all is recovery.img ( Lenovo Standard Recovery and CWM for Android KitKat) so i am afraid that you wrong flashing file. just download CWM for Android KitKat only. so don't download all. i think maybe that the problem

    1. Hi,
      When you run an applications that required a root access it will pop up the option wheater to allow it or deny it. If you never allow an applications it will jot shiw on king user application when you see it. It can but not recommend to do.

  3. HI Andy ,
    Thanks for you reply. I am using ROW version of Jellybean right now. Can I root my KITKAT and use the SUPER USER option after rooting it like in Jellybean ??
    Is there a new Framaroot app for Kitkat rooting available ??

    1. hi,
      yes you can, but the method we use to install SuperUser is different on Jelly Bean you can use framaroot, on KitKat framaroot cannot be use. so on kitkat we need to install custom recovery first then install king user from recovery mode, king user is same like super user, superuser cannot be use in KitKat.
      no until now there is now framaroot that can root android kitkat.

    1. hi,
      this happen because scatter files you use for arrange the partition on your device is different with scatter files from this guide. if you can make your own scatter files you can try to use it instead use scatter files from this download

  4. i have problem..when i insert my sim it detect.. but cant make a call or send sms.. but when i insert at other phone it work well like nothing happend..i think its is disable with some app or disable someting .. please help me fix this problem..

    1. If you know about adb command you can reboot using adb. But if you flash recovery why you need to reboot? You flashing with device off right then when you want to go recovery just press power button + volume up + volume down from off state

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