How to Rooting Lenovo K910 Vibe Z on Android 4.2

01 Jul 2014

How to Rooting Lenovo K910 Vibe Z on Android 4.2 – Today guide is how to Rooting Lenovo K910 or known as Vibe Z. This rooting tutorial can be work only with Android 4.2 or lower and will not work for Vibe UI v1.5 KitKat. This guide will use computer in order to root Lenovo K910 so there is some required files that need to install on your computer. Remember rooting your device may broke your guarantee and may your device cannot received any official updates. Please read careful to understand about the rooting process and avoid any mistake step that may cause brick Lenovo K910.

Disclaimer :
This guide for educational purpose only, We not responsible if your device bricked after following this tutorial. Do with your own risk rooting void your device warranty. (DWYOR) This can only fit with ROW firmware and don’t fit with CN firmware.

Download Files :

How to Rooting Lenovo K910 Vibe Z on Android 4.2

  1. Download all files and place it on one folder, ie D:Lenovo K910
  2. Install LenovoUSBDriver to your computer, please reboot your computer after installation. After finish boot please install Minimal ADB & Fastboot.if you don’t know how to install it please refer to this article [TOOL]Minimal ADB and Fastboot [7-18-13]
  3. Now enable USB Debugging on your device. go to System Settings ↦ Developer Options ↦ USB Debugging please enable it. Without this option enable your computer will never found / detect your device.
    How to Rooting Lenovo K910 Vibe Z on Android 4.2
  4. Connect your device to your computer.
  5. Move Latest SuperSu and Google Apps (Gapps) to your internal sd card. After move all required file to you device now please disconnect removeable disk and  run Minimal ADB & Fastboot
  6. Run Adb Run v3.24.35, and select Reboot Devices (4) ↦ Reboot Bootloader (3) you device will be reboot immediately. Press 5 to back to main menu
    How to Rooting Lenovo K910 Vibe Z on Android 4.2
  7. After back to main menu now select Fastboot (5) ↦ Recovery (3) there will be window pop up, copy the CWM- to that folder, wait for the process and your device will reboot to recovery mode with CWM-
    How to Rooting Lenovo K910 Vibe Z on Android 4.2
  8. Now your device will be boot to custom recovery 
  9. On custom recovery mode, select Backup and Restore ↦ Backup 
  10. Back to CWM- main menu select Install Zip ↦ Choose Zip from sd card ↦ Latest SuperSu
  11. Back to CWM- main menu again select Install Zip ↦ Choose Zip from sd card ↦ Google Apps (Gapps), This step is optional, If you wanna install Google Apps (Gapps) then do this tep if not just ignore and continued to next step.
  12. CWM- main menu again select Reboot
  13. Finish, Now you already success ROOTING your Lenovo K910 to verified please look at for SuperSu at applications drawer. Or you can use Root Checker
That all, my guide for today. I hope this guide can help you fix your problems about rooting and installation google apps on Lenovo K910, If you have problem regarding this guide please don’t be hesitate to leave comments, if i can i will help you , thank you for visit
  1. Hello

    I tried to make the first step but, in the program Minimal ADB i wrote adb reboot-bootloader and I suddenly the screen shows the message LENOVO and since then my computer did´nt recognise the device, what could I do??

    Thanks in advanced!

    1. hi,
      so after reboot-bootloader your device cannot completely boot ? what your device type and what Android do you use? you can see it on about phone.
      Are you phone use 1 SIM or 2 SIM ? if your phone use 1 SIM than you can follow this guide for revert your phone
      but if your phone is 2 SIM or CN version phone then contact me personally on hang out or email because i still don't have guide for K910 CN phone yet

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