How to Root Your Lenovo S660

18 Aug 2014

How to Root Your Lenovo S660 – Today guide is about how to root your Lenovo S660, In this blog i only serve the easiest way on how to modified your device. Today guide i will show you how to rooting your Lenovo S660 using VRoot application, this is a windows application so this guide just can be followed if you have windows computer. The advantage using VRoot is this a One Click method application so you just need to click one button and your device is ROOTED. And Here, we are going to guide you how to use VRoot application

Disclaimer :
This guide for educational purpose only, We not responsible if your device bricked after following this tutorial (DWYOR).

On this guide i don’t include about backup data and else so please do some preparations first before continued to follow the further steps.

How to Root Your Lenovo S660 and any Android devices :

  1. First please download and install VRoot 1.7.3 on your computer, must be use windows operating system.
  2. When finished install VRoot 1.7.3, Open it,
    How to Root Your Lenovo S660


  3. Now please Enable USB Debugging setting on your device, this setting can be found at System Setting ↦ Developer Options ↦ USB Debugging. On Android 4.2.2 or above, This setting is hidden to unhide it please go to System Setting ↦ About Phone and tap 7x on Build Number
    How to Root Your Lenovo S660

  4. Now please connect your device to your computer using USB cable, Just wait and see VRoot 1.7.3 will automatic install driver and checking your device root status. When your device not ROOTED yet, you will see ROOT GREEN button on VRoot 1.7.3 lower right
    How to Root Your Lenovo S660

    How to Root Your Lenovo S660
  5. Just click ROOT GREEN button, and VRoot will automatic reboot your device. for rooting and install root application on your device
  6. Now your device already ROOTED, To check whether your device rooted correctly, open applications drawer and look for Superuser application, If you can found this applications than it means your device already ROOTED

This application can be use to root more than 8000 android device, so VRoot can be use to be the first option to root your device. That it a guide on How to Root your Lenovo S660, please leave any comments if you found problems regarding this guide.


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