How to root right Lenovo S90 Sisley using easy way

28 Jul 2015

How to root right Lenovo S90 Sisley using easy way – This guide is intended for Lenovo S90 Sisley owner only and only can be used for Lenovo S90 Sisley device, this guide is about how to root right Lenovo S90 Sisley but with simple or easy way.
Why we need to root our device ? root is a privileges on the Android and Linux operating system, using root you can perform administrator actions, modified system files, changing or configure system settings, changing processor speed or overclocking and many more. But there is also disadvantage for rooting devices, one for sure is your warranty will be void.
We will not responsible damage that will happen because following this guide, so please make backup first before following this guide.

Disclaimer :
This guide for educational purpose only, We not responsible if your device bricked after following this tutorial.  (DWYOR) 

How to root right Lenovo S90 Sisley using easy way

Requirements :

Downloads :
  • Root_S90 required files that can be use to root Lenovo S90 Sisley, just download and extract it.
How to root right Lenovo S90 Sisley using easy way
  1. Download and extract downloaded file to your pc drive, recommended extract on root of your drive. example C:Root_S90
  2. Go to extracted drive, and connect your device using usb cable.
  3. Double click or run Root_S90.bat
  4. Wait the process until it completely finish, do not disconnect in the middle or rooting process. When it finish your device will automatically normal reboot.
  5. done.
this guide is only work for Lenovo S90 Sisley using firmware Android 4.4.4, if you already update firmware to Android 5.0.x then rooting via recovery will needed.
That it, simple and easy way how to rooting Lenovo S90 Sisley, i hope this guide is useful and can help you solve rooting problem. leave any message if you found any problem or broken links regarding this guide.
  1. dear andy,

    thanks for the reply and encouragement. i was rather urged to do it so that i can 'experiment' on unlocking/install recovery/rooting the S90 on windows 10.

    i started out with unlocking… that's when the 1% fear kicked in! ;-( (*I'm not that nervous as of yet, since i still have an extra phone, so you can guess where i'm coming from)

    so here's what i did:

    a) installed the necessary drivers, checked the device manager to make sure that what you indicated should be installed ARE INSTALLED and RECOGNIZED.

    b) put the device in SERVICE MODE (Volume Down + Power)

    c) i proceeded with QFIL (I am using the unlocker for the Chinese model), and then i followed the steps accurately. things went rather smoothly and i just waited for the device to REBOOT.

    THAT'S WHERE I'M NOW STUCK!!! ANY HELP WOULD BE REALLY APPRECIATED, SINCE I WOULDN'T WANT TO SEND IT BACK TO THE FACTORY, SINCE THIS PROCEDURE I DID WOULD MAKE THE WARRANTY VOID. (*Hey i don't have any hard feelings for bricking the phone, for now – it's a new learning process, i hope though, not expensive)

    Anyway, here are the symptoms:

    a) the Lenovo logo would just stay up for a long time. any key-ins combining volume and power button don't seem to work any more. no service mode or anything. ;-(

    b) suddenly, my PC reads a host of drives that are not formatted… this EVEN happens when the phone is turned OFF and when connected to the PC, the unformatted DRIVES are detected. it seems to have been converted into a portable drive. of course i didn't format the drive. (*I run alcohol in my PC, a virtual CD-DVD drive program), i don't think that poses any problems when doing such rooting procedures.

    c) and when left on its own, the phone just vibrates for a longer duration of time and shuts down.

    any leads? do you think there is still anything i can do to repair it?

    thank you so much!


    1. so now it just only show lenovo logo? have you tried to factory reset your device?
      what show on QPST program, it is show error or it show stuck on 90% or something can you give me the description about what happen when flashing process.
      if you still cannot fix it that i think to fix it you need to reflash your device

    2. andy, thanks for following up. i can't even enter any form of SERVICE MODE or RECOVERY. i was using the qualcomm flashing tool, and nothing happened. but even if i do get it running, where can i get an IMAGE? i was hoping to make an image backup after unlocking the bootloader and then installing the custom recovery. the QPST program seemed to have gone well, all the way to FINISH i didn't read any errors. 😉

    3. andy, i think i know what i did WRONG! i flash the CN version instead of the ROW. i didn't pay attention to my firmware details: S90-A_SMART-S111-150527-ROW. i should have read it better. so when i flashed the CN version, i guess that's what caused the problem. right? or it shouldn't really cause such a bad brick. i will bring this to the service center and hope that they can revive the phone. thanks truly for being there to make some suggestions. [email protected]

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