How to Root Right Lenovo K3 Note using SuperSu v2.46


How to Root Right Lenovo K3 Note using SuperSu v2.46 – It is hard to Lenovo K3 Note ? i got some reader that ask me how to root Lenovo K3 Note, i cannot answer it because i don’t have any guide about it. So i decide to take a look the method on the the net and i think it not too hard, so today i will write a guide how to root Lenovo K3 Note with easy step and install custom recovery (cwm) on it. Installing custom recovery is must because rooting Lenovo K3 Note can only done through custom recovery.
Before staring the guide, i must warm about warranty void after rooting and unable to install OTA update after changing recovery file, so please consider about it and take backup for your device. I am also will not take responsible on what happen with your device after following this guide.

Disclaimer :
This guide for educational purpose only, We not responsible if your device bricked after following this tutorial. (DWYOR)

Downloads :

Requirements :
  • Enable USB Denugging on your device, can be found at System Setting Developer Options ↦ give tick on USB Debugging to enable it.
  • Computer must already install with Lenovo USB driver + PDA Net, and please restart it after install the driver.
  • Move SuperSu v2.46 to your device, external SD card, recommended on root folder.
How to Root Right Lenovo K3 Note using SuperSu v2.46

  1. Download all files and extract on any of your drive, example C:LenovoK3 
  2. using command prompt, browse to C:LenovoK3 and CD to Minimal ADB and Fastboot folder.
  3. Connect your device and make sure it recognize and an unauthorized. On the Minimal ADB and Fastboot, type or run adb.exe devices
  4. You will see your device already recognized by your computer, when you can see your device on the list then process to the next step.
  5. Now type adb.exe reboot bootloader, this command will make your device to reboot to bootloader.
  6. Now check it with fastboot.exe devices, this command will show list connected device that on fastboot mode.
  7. Now we are ready to flash custom recovery to Lenovo K3 Note, now type fastboot.exe flash recovery recovery.img or you can give path on recovery.img
  8. Wait the process until complete, once it complete you can type fastboot.exe reboot. Now you can disconnect your device and wait for normal boot, once it boot, turn off your device so you can boot to recovery mode.
  9. Turn on your device with hold and press Volume Up + Volume Down + Power button, release until you can see recovery menu.
  10. On recovery main menu select Install zip ↦ Choose zip from sdcard ↦ browse it to where you save SuperSu v2.46 and then select it ↦ Yes – Install
  11. Wait the rooting process and then back to custom recovery menu, then select Reboot.
Done, Congratulations confirm that your Lenovo K3 Note has been rooted. To make sure it just install Root Checker from Google Play Store, please leave comments if you found problems or broken links regarding this guide. 
If you failed when installing then install busybox first before install SuperSu v2.46

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Naif Dastagir
6 years ago

Hi, when will you release your own custom rom?

6 years ago
Reply to  Naif Dastagir

Hahaha, still need more time because busy with the real life, and work

Marc Alfaro
5 years ago

hello sir do you tutorial on k4 note, how to unlock bootloader..twrp ang rooting?TIA

5 years ago
Reply to  Marc Alfaro

maybe you can try using kingroot, but for unlocking bootloader i dont have any guide yet.