How to root and install TWRP Lenovo A6010 in 2017


Here we will guide you how to root and install TWRP into your  Lenovo A601. If you find any difficulties following this tutorials, please comment and share your thought it here, also if you find this helpful one, please share on your social media.

As usual the authors urge to always perform a back-up first before trying the tutorial Root Android this time, in order to anticipate unwanted events such as bootlop or more and the author are not responsible for it.

First, we need some prerequisite medicine to heal our lenovo A601.

How to install TWRP in Lenovo A6010

1. After downloading the materials contained in the above, move the TWRP Lenovo and Updates SuperSU to external memory or sdcard Lenovo A6010

2 / Extracts Adb twrp driver who later there are 3 files that minimal_adb_fastboot_v1.1.3_setup.exe, PdaNetA4182.exe, recovery.img

Lenovo A6010 3.Hubungkan your device to a PC or laptop using a data cable

4. Then install PdaNetA4182.exe

5.Selanjutnya install minimal_adb_fastboot_v1.1.3_setup.exe

6. If it is, now seen on the local disk C: Program Files whether there is a folder named “minimal_adb_fastboot”

7. After that move earlier recovery.img file into the folder “minimal_adb_fastboot” residing on a local disk C: Program Files

8. Unplug data cable

9. Enter to phone settings and then click on build number 7 times until the “you are a developer”

10. Next select back / back, look at the menu settings whether there is a menu option ({}) Developer options

11.If not appear repeat again. If it appears ({}) optionsnya Developer menu, then open the menu and enable USB Debugging

12. Next, turn off hp Lenovo A6010 by simultaneously pressing the power button + volume down. Lenovo logo will appear and stuck in the Lenovo logo and writing china

13. Reconnect hp Lenovo A6010 to your pc or laptop. Run a minimal tools adb fastboot

14. Type the command “adb devices” will appear script

15. Next, type the command “fastboot boot recovery.img”

16. If succes it will be no dialogue in minimal adb okay !! bla bla bla and hp Lenovo A6010 will then reboot and automatically go into recovery / twrp mode.

17. If already in direct TWRP Backup menu boot – recovery – system – Data

18. If it already in the backup, then install / flash TWRP Lenovo A6010 which has been stored in external memory / sdcard. because twrp that in a flash using minimal adb only temporary, if you’re already on the phone will reboot back to stock recovery.

How to Root Lenovo A6010

-Make Sure you are moving files Update to external memory / sdcard you

-Flash Using TWRP



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