How to reinstall Fortnite on my Apple iPhone after being removed from Apple Store


Here is how you can reinstall Fortnite on your Apple iPhone after getting removed from Apple App Store

Last week we reported Fortnite owner Epic Games filed a lawsuit against Google and Apple for being removed from the respective app stores. Tim Sweeney of Epic Games has filed the private antitrust suit against both Apple and Google for charging 30% commission for the in-game earnings. In the meantime, both Google and Apple have booted out Epic Games’ Fortnite game from their respective play stores.

Google reportedly removed Fortnite from Google Play Store just hours later Apple kicked it from its App Store. The technology giants removed the popular game from their respective stores as Epic Games launched a new direct payment system in Fortnite that allows players to directly purchase in-game purchases from Epic. In the new payment system, the company offered up to a 20% discount to purchase Fortnite’s in-game V-Bucks currency compared to purchasing the same V-Bucks via Google Play Store or Apple App store.

The fight just got uglier with Apple deciding to up the ante and make things more difficult for Epic Games by banning its proprietary Unreal Engine on iOS and macOS. According to the restraining injunction(PDF) filed by Epic Games, Apple will be blocking Unreal Engine on its platforms by August 28, 2020.

However, our social media account has been flooded with questions like can I still play Fortnite on my Apple iPhone? Will Apple allow us to play Fortnite on my Apple iPhone? The answer to these questions is yes, but it is worth knowing that you can install Fortnite on your Apple iPhone only if you have installed it in the past. However, you can download the current version of the Fortnite by using below steps:

  1. Open App Store and go to the ‘My Purchases’ section.
  2. In my purchases section, you will get a list of all the apps you’ve ever downloaded on your iOS device.
  3. Search For ‘Fortnite.’
  4. If the app has appeared in the results, tap on the cloud icon in front of the app, and the downloading process will start.
  5. Unfortunately, you will have to install about 10GB collection of app files, as this is the only way to get Fortnite on your Apple iPhone
  6. Wait for Installation!! Done.

This is the only way to get Fortnite on your Apple iPhone. Meanwhile, you should also be aware of that you can play Fortnite on your Apple iPhone only until the next update arrives. As it is not yet clear that Apple will allow Epic games to push the latest update on Apple devices. For more news on tech and cybersecurity stay tuned on Android Rookies by subscribing to our newsletter from here.


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