How to recover your lost photos, videos and files with new Windows File Recovery tool


No need to use third-party file recovery tools, Microsoft has its own Windows 10 File Recovery tool, here is how to use it

Losing a precious photo, document, or video by accidentally deleting it is a heartbreak we all had at some point in time. The shock of accidentally deleting a photo, voice recording, video, or a file is unfathomable but up to now, we had to rely on third-party File Recovery tools like Photorec or Recuva to recover the accidentally deleted files, images, videos on Windows 10 PC/laptops. Even after using third-party file recovery tools, you had to get lucky to retrieve the lost photo or file.

But now Microsoft has launched its own File Recovery Tool which does not only recover the accidentally deleted images, videos, and files but also is relatively safe compared to third-party File Recovery tools. Microsoft says their File Recovery tool can undelete and recover files not only on your hard drive but also your external USB drives like SSDs or USB Stick, and even a Micro SD card.

Microsoft launched new File Recovery Tool for Windows 10 to recover accidentally deleted files.

Microsoft Recovery Tool can retrieve almost any image, video, and file like JPEG, PDF, PNG, MPEG, Office files extension (.doc, .xls, .ppt, xlsx), MP3 & MP4, ZIP files and more. The only thing you have to make certain is that your Windows 10 PC/laptop runs on Windows 10 version 19041.0 or higher version and has ARM, ARM64, or Intel processor.

How to use Microsoft’s Windows File Recovery tool to recover lost files, images, videos, and voice recordings.

First and foremost to go Microsoft online store and download the Windows 10 File Recovery Tool from here. Make sure you have Windows 10 1904 and above version on your PC/laptop. Once downloaded and installed, RUN the Windows 10 File Recovery Tool with administrative privilege. You can do that by using Windows+X and launching Powershell with administrative privilege. At the prompt, type in


The Windows Recovery Tool also includes advanced options, which can be accessed by typing this command:

winfr /!

The Windows Recovery Tool advanced options allow you to use your own search parameters by specifying which drive/which sector to scan for the deleted files and images.  You can use the tool fo find deleted JPG image and restore it to another directory with the following command:

winfr D: F: /n *.jpg

To use the ‘default’ mode to recover all deleted files from the C:\temp folder, you would use the command:

winfr C: F: /n \temp\*.png

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