How to Re-Partition Internal Memory Lenovo S890


How to Re-Partition Internal Memory Lenovo S890 – One characteristic of Smartphone with MTK 6577 chipset is it has limited internal storage, On Lenovo S890 it only has 755 MB for internal storage. Today i will posting a guide on how to re-partition your Lenovo S890 so after following this guide you will has around 2,5 GB space for internal storage. In this guide we will take phone storage space which is 1.5 GB and give it to internal storage, so after finish this guide you will found that your phone storage is only has  19 MB space left and it will be hidden from you.

Disclaimer :
This guide for educational purpose only, We not responsible if your device bricked after following this tutorial.  (DWYOR)

Legends (To be Remember, So you not confused) :

  • Internal Storage is where your applications will be storage, in explorer is known as /data, on below picture and every picture in this guide it known as System Storage. but i will call it Internal Storage because it used to call that way.
  • Phone Storage is where you can place your documents, data, music, picture and etc. in explorer it known as sdcard1, When your device connect to computer this will become USB Storage. But on below picture and every picture in this guide it known as Internal Storage. but i will call it Phone Storage because it used to call that way.

Preparations :

  • Your Lenovo S890 must has been ROOTED and already installed with custom recovery, You can use TWRP, CWM, or LEWA recovery. If you don’t know how to do it please refer to How to Rooting Lenovo S890, TWRP Installation Guide
  • Don’t do this guide if you already update to Android 4.4.2, this only work for Android 4.2 or lower. Please confirm it with your About Phone
  • Go to your System Setting ↦ Storage  select SD card on Default Memory option.
  • Move all important files on the Phone Storage to your SD card or to your computer.
Downloads :
  • Data_sdcard_19 This file will partition your device to 2.5 GB Internal Storage and 19 MB Phone Storage
  • Data_sdcard_restore This file will back your partition to default.
  • vold.fstab This is optional file for hide 19 MB Phone Storage from user.
  • vold.fstab_restore ↦ This is optional file for show the Phone Storage partition.
How to Re-Partition Internal Memory Lenovo S890
  1. Download all required files, save it to your computer. For easy organize please place it to one folder. Don’t unzip it, it need to be zip.
  2. Move or copy Data_sdcard_19 and vold.fstab to your sd card, vold.fstab is optional you can copy it or not because it just to hide the Phone Storage partition so users cannot view it.
  3. Reboot your phone to Recovery Mode. If you don’t know how to do it just turn off your phone, the turn on with hold and press Power Button + Volume Down button until you can see TWRP / CWM main menu.
  4. On recovery mode main menu, select Backup select  System, Data, Cache or for safe select all. Use external SD card for save backup files, if you use CWM it will automatic backup all and save to external SD card on folder /ClockworkMod/Backup/
  5. After finish, Back to main menu again and now select Install ↦ Use SD Card  point it to Data_sdcard_19, this process only take 5-10 seconds. Don’t Reboot select Cache/Dalvik Cache or Home
  6. After finish now back to main menu again, select Wipe ↦ Cache, Dalvik Cache and Factory Reset, If you got “Failed error/emmc” then please use advanced wipe and wipe it one by one. 
  7. Don’t reboot first, back to main menu again select Restore ↦ Advanced Restore select just Data and Cache to restore. Wait until restore process finish completely.
  8. Back to main menu again select Reboot
  9. The first booting will take sometime, After successful booting it will give information about “Internal SDCard Damage” and ask to be format click Yes, this will format your 19 MB Phone Storage
  10. Finish, Look at your System Setting ↦ Storage

  11. When you need to hide 19 MB Phone Storage then just install vold.fstab like step 5. Now enjoy your bigger storage.
Failing follow this guide will make your Lenovo S890 stuck to lenovo logo, the only solution for this problems is re flashing your Lenovo S890, so please consider it before follow this guide. Please leave any comments if you have problems regarding this guide. Thank You

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Xynn Lim
7 years ago

Do you have any idea how to re flashing Lenovo S890? it seem that i followed your guide and end up failing( not sure what are the problem) . Any help and info will be appreciate.

7 years ago
Reply to  Xynn Lim

apparently i still don't a guide for re flashing Lenovo S890, Can you tell me what is your error, so i can fix it if it cause by my guide.
for re flashing you need SP Flash Tool, version 3
and the Lenovo S890 ROM

you can get all the download file here :
for detail how to reflashing i will tell with posting an article soon


Xynn Lim
7 years ago
Reply to  Xynn Lim

Hi andy,
I'm not sure what the error and how it went wrong, but i'm currently stuck at the star-up screen with a lenovo logo for few hours. Do you have any idea what is causing this?


7 years ago
Reply to  Xynn Lim

I guess maybe wrong firmware will make it, on android it called called boot loop can be fix by factory reset, and re flashing. Maube you can try to factory reset it first while waiting on my guide, tommorow i will try to post it


7 years ago
Reply to  Xynn Lim

You need give me more clue on what you doing before you get stuck on lenovo logo. I could not know what happen if you just said you got stuck on lenovo logo for a hour. Please describe to me what are you doing before that. I will help you if i know what happen