How to Re-Partition Internal Memory on Lenovo S820 4 GB

08 Jul 2014

How to Re-Partition Internal Memory on Lenovo S820 – Many users still experiencing a problems when used Lenovo S820, especially problem about not enough memory when installing a program. Lenovo S820 4GB has internal storage like about 1,5 GB this internal storage has function like our SD Card, So it kind of wasting space because we are already has SD Card with bigger space so why we need internal storage that just only has 1,5 GB. On today guide we gone re-partition our Lenovo S820 so it can has bigger System Storage for accommodate a lot programs.

How to Re-Partition Internal Memory on Lenovo S820 4 GB

Disclaimer :
This guide for educational purpose only, We not responsible if your device bricked after following this tutorial.  (DWYOR)

Preparations :

  • Your Lenovo S820 must has been ROOTED. For rooting Lenovo S820 you can read in this Rooting Lenovo S820 for Modification
  • With custom recovery already installed, CWM or TWRP is needed in this guide. Custom recovery installation can be read in How to Installing Custom Recovery TWRP v2.6.3.0 for Lenovo S820 4/8 GB
  • I don’t ever try this method for Vibe UI v1.5 Android Kit Kat, This only ever been tested on Android 4.2 or lower but if you has guts you can try this on Vibe UI v1.5
  • SD Card set as default Memory, go to Settings ↦ Storage ↦ Default Disk
  • Backup your SD Card data to your computer, in case any problem occur. 
  • If failed on this tutorial your device will be brick and can only be fix with re-flashing your ROM.
Download :
How to Re-Partition Internal Memory on Lenovo S820 4 GB
  1. Make sure your SD Cad has at least 2-4 GB free space, this is for Nandroid Backup space. Install Mateos MTK6589 Rom Edit – 4 GB on your device, if any security warning just ignore and continued to install.
  2. Now reboot your device to Recovery Mode, remember must use CWM or TWRP because lenovo stock recovery don’t have backup / restore function. On recovery mode, select Backup ↦ Swipe to Backup
  3. After finish backup process, reboot your device normally. Run Mateos MTK6589 Rom Edit – 4 GB and press Allow when it asking for root permission.
    How to Re-Partition Internal Memory on Lenovo S820 4 GB
  4. On the application there is list an available partition size than can be handle by the applications, For Lenovo S820 4 GB the choose is only 2.00GiB /data partition or 2.5GiB /data partition in this guide i am choose the middle range 2.00 GiB /data partition but you can also pick the other one. I don’t recommended to pick larger than 2.5GiB /data partition. Select the partition that you wanna to apply to your device, confirm all warning with pressing Yes
    How to Re-Partition Internal Memory on Lenovo S820 4 GB
  5. After finish, reboot to recovery mode again, select Wipe Data / Factory Reset. 
  6. Back to recovery mode main menu select Restore ↦ Advanced Restore ↦ Restore Data only, point to backup file from step 2
  7. Reboot, Done. After finish when you see any notification that told SD Card damage, just click and Format your SD Card (Internal SD Card).
  8. If you stuck on Lenovo Logo, Remove the battery and do SD Card Wipe. If any warning to format SD Card (External SD Card) please format it. Because this problem i as you to backup your SD Card data to your computer first.
Thank You for reading, i hope this guide can help you fix your limited storage problems. Please don’t hesitate to leave any comments if you got any problems with this guide, i will try to help you if i can. Thank you
  1. Ok
    It is working on kitkat 4.4.2 (Lenovo s820 4g). Two thinks: 1. After using the Mateos app, I had to reboot in recovery mode manually. 2. I had to format my sd card. This wasn’t a problem, I took all important info out from the sd card to my pc, and back again. ALL is working, so thank you again Andy for this guide.

  2. Hello, I have a problem here because I did the wipe date on stock recovery… I didn't have data on SD Card and didn't want to backup and restore so I didn't do it… I got rebooted on stock recovery from the meteos software… Please advice…

    1. Hi,
      This cannot guide cannot done with stock recovery and it will 9nly brick your device, need custom recovery format function ext4. Are your phone still can completely boot? If not just reflash your device, because i think the partition is already brick because cannot format.

    1. hello,
      sorry for what you got. Stuck on lenovo logo mean you got bootloop, have you format /data from CWM, if you saying that you cannot go to CWM then please try again power button + Volume Up + Volume Down, it need to format /data from cwm before booting

  3. Hi,
    I have Lenovo S820 CN 4GB.
    I am using TWRP and when I get to step 5 (Wipe Data / Factory Reset) i get this error – E: unable to mount '/emmc'. If I try to Restore Data I get the same error. When I reboot the phone can not start and I need to flash it to get it going again. I think this error is occurring because I am using a custom recovery.
    So can I ROOT the device with the factory recovery mode or with out the recovery mod at all and then do thi guide with the factory recovery mode?
    I dont care if I lose my data, so I can skip the backup and restore steps.
    One more thing – is this repartitioning permanent? When I flash another ROM the next time do I have to do that again?

    1. Hi,
      No you cannot root using standard recovery unless you root your devixe using one click method, framaroot, vroot or root genius and other. If you don't need to backup and restore you can skip it. What you use 2GB or 2.5GB for the partition?
      If you are using 2.5GB try using 2.0GB and if still error try using another mode, thus cyange will keep unless you format when installing the new rom, if you just update this change will keep in your device

  4. So there's only 1 person which has been succeeded in Re-Partition Internal Memory on Lenovo S820 Android Kitkat 4.4.2
    I'm afraid to do it, cause i don't want a brick. Anyway will try it soon! By the way Andy could you please confirm that it'd works like a charm in Kitkat version?

  5. Hi Andy
    Is there any way to move or install apps to internal USB storage? Because I have 1.29GB Available for USB storage. And in My Internal Storage has only 149MB left 🙁 that sucks… Please reply how to do it or make a nice tutorial

    1. To install on internal storage is ROM capability and for kitkat i think there is some applications that on the internal usb storage and the other is on internal memory but the applications size is small the big one is the data file and it always install on internal memory, when use jelly bean or ginger bread you can use link2sd but on kitkat i don't know because i am not lack of memory

    1. Hi,
      To use link2sd you must have 2 partition on your sdcard. Are you have it, but i think you not on that step. Link2sd package invalid i think it the package need to redownload, but i don't know is link2sd work on kitkat since kitkat not allow 3rd party wriite to sd card

  6. Hi bro,

    to cut the story short, i have failed to repartition my s820. My phone was brick & wont turn on.

    Probably along the way i've made mistakes, i dont know…

    Now my phone wont turn on, but it still can be detected by my computer when connecting it through usb.

    Where can i proceed from here? please help me coz i need this phone for my work. Thanks in advance bro!

    1. Hi Andy,
      I've chosen the 2.77gb partition and now my phone is bricked. it's just stuck at boot logo with any custom or stock roms. tried formatting data but error. emmc same thing. it says can't find…so i cannot restore my backup from cwm…please show me what to do now. thanks a bunch!

  7. Andy! good news! i've successfully flashed it to the stock rom! thanks a bunch!
    i missed a step earlier on. what i redid was put 'download only'. after it finished dl, i changed to 'firmware upgrade'. then it succeeded! cheers! now, how do i install twrp on this machine? i was using the old cwm. problematic. i formatted the whole phone including the bootloader prior to this flash, so it has no recovery now. please guide. thanks, Andy!

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