How to Re-Partition Internal Memory Lenovo P770

14 May 2014

How to Re-Partition Internal Memory Lenovo P770 – After successful rooting, install custom recovery and installing custom ROM on Lenovo P770, now i will posted a guide How to Re-Partition Internal Memory Lenovo P770. Default internal memory for this phone is just only 766 Mb and have 1.58 Gb internal storage, in this guide we gone increase internal memory for 2.00 Gb and decrease internal storage to 594 Mb. We don’t need internal storage because we already has a bigger size sd card.

Disclaimer :
This guide for educational purpose only, We not responsible if your device bricked after following this tutorial. 

Requirements :

Download :
Anzhouu365 is an application made by russian developer, this applications special made to re-partition any MTK devices with ROM size 4 GB, Lenovo P770 using MTK6577 and has internal memory 4GB so this application is suit for using by Lenovo P770 and Lenovo S890. In this guide we will use modification of anzhou365 which has been translated into english version.
How to Re-Partition Internal Memory Lenovo P770
  1. Install Anzhou365, confirm to continued installation.
  2. Reboot your device and go to recovery mode.
  3. Do Nandroid Backup
    • go to Recovery Mode
    • select Backup & Restore
    • select Backup, wait until completely success.
  4. Reboot and do normal boot.
  5. Open Anzhou365.
  6. Select which size do you want for your internal memory, in this guide we will use 2 GB size, click on 2GB
    How to Re-Partition Internal Memory Lenovo P770

  7. On confirmation message select Dong Y (Yes)
  8. Select Reboot Recovery
  9. Select Dong Y (Yes)
  10. On Recovery Mode :
    • select Wipe Data / Factory Reset
    • go to Backup & Restore, select Advanced Restore select the newest backup (step 3) click Restore Data and Restore Cache. Wait restore process until finish before reboot your device.
  11. Done, you has already successful increase your device internal memory without losing any data. Confirm it with go to System Settings → Storage
    How to Re-Partition Internal Memory Lenovo P770

  12. After normal boot will be show notification “Internal SDCard Damage“, tap that notification and select Format.
Now you have more internal memory to install more applications, I hope this guide can help you solve your problems. thank you for reading…
  1. I tried doing it, but at the end i wiped out the cache as well. When i tried to reboot, it said no OS Installed. Even then i rebooted and my phone is not working now. What should I do?

    1. If your lenovo s820 has 4 gb internal memory than anzhou365 work with your device, but for installing twrp or cwm for backup and restore you will need to find twrp or cwm file that fit with you device. Before doing thus you will need to rooting your device first. Anzhou365 is work wit any processor include mtk6589, the make different is your internal memory if you has 4gb than it work.

    2. Thank you very much #Andy Suwito.
      My S820 is with 4gb internal memory. I already have rooted the device, installed CWM and made a nandroid backup.
      I've posted the previous question, because the app is named "Mt657xRepartition_EN.apk", and my s820 is with Mtk6589.

  2. i miss any step after rebooting my p770 is not start only lenovo is displayed how can i reset my mobile. when i press power on and volume down button same time then a msg displeyed meta mode having long press power button………………

    1. tell me your step by step. are you already install anzhou ?
      already do step 2 and step 3 ?

      describe to me your problem. If you said that after step 7 your device cannot but and stuck to logo, on step 6 there is option to boot to recovery not need to do your self, why you not select reboot to recovery ?

  3. I have the same problem as Anju Singh. lenovo is displayed continously on the screen. I tried the power on + volume up + volume down. But nothing happens. What should I do to get the Lenovo P770 started.

    1. I followed the above link and did as per the instructions. After running flash tool, when I connected my Lenovo P770 it detected my smart phone and started install process but immediately gave the following error. Please advice.

      SP FLASH TOOL ERROR: (8200)

      [Platform Error] The load and target are incosistent!

      The load to be downloaded is for MT6589;
      The target platform is MT6577_S00.
      Please select a correct load according to the target to download.

  4. hi,my lenovo P770 is throwing error at step 10(a). When i tried wipe -> Factory resset, it is showing the end result as:
    "Factory reset complete

    The following stuffs were shown as status below that:

    Formating cache using mke2fs…
    Formating data using mke2fs…
    E :unable to mount '/emc'
    Updating partition details…
    E :unable to mount '/emc'
    E :unable to mount '/emc'
    E :unable to mount '/system'
    E :unable to mount internal storage

    I don't know how to proceed. I'm no good at this stuff. Please helpme out.

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