How to Permanently delete TikTok Account?


Want to Delete your TikTok account? here is how to delete it Permanently

TikTok is a global video community powered by music. Whether it’s dance, free-style, or performance, creators are encouraged to let their imagination run wild and set their expressions free. Designed for global creators, TikTok allows users to quickly and easily create unique short videos to share with friends and the world.

TikTok currently has 10 Crore plus downloads and has a large user active daily. The users across the world use TikTok for making a short dance video or some tricks with music and more, while some users only prefer to view the TikTok videos. Some users get a cringe watching these uploads and decide to delete their account, howsoever, are you one of them? Then here is how you can delete your TikTok account permanently.

How to Delete the TikTok account permanently?


  • Open the Tik Tok app. This app icon is black with a white music note.
  • Tap on the person icon at the lower right of your screen to open your profile.
  • You may need to log in to view your profile.
  • Click on the three dots. This is located in the upper right corner and allows you to view all your Tik Tok settings.
  • Click on Privacy and Settings.
  • Click on Manage My Account.
  • Add a phone number if you haven’t already. A verified phone number is a requirement for removing your Tik Tok account. If you’ve already added your phone number to your Tik Tok account, you can skip this step.
  1. To add a Phone number, click Phone Number.
  2. Enter your area code and phone number and then press the arrow button.
  3. Wait for a text from Tik Tok.
  4. Enter the 4-digit code into the field given and press the arrow button.
  • Scroll to the bottom of the page where it says “Thinking about removing your account?” Tap it.
  • Hit Send code to the right of the Verification Code field.
  • Wait for the code to be sent to you.
  • Enter the 4-digit code within 60 seconds of it being sent to you.
  • A countdown will be shown. Then click Continue.
  • Read over the implications of removing your account. They clarify that you will lose all of your videos and purchases and that some information associated with your account (like messages) may still be visible to others. If you still want to remove your account, click Continue
  • Hit Delete Account. You’ll be logged out and your account will be deleted in 30 days

In Case you changed your mind and want to reactivate your account then you need to just log in to TikTok and your account will be reactivated.

Note: Reactivation cannot be done after 30 days of the deletion process. You need to create a new account if you want to use TikTok again.

Note: If you log in again after the deletion process(in the span of 30 days after deletion) the account will be reactivated and won’t be deleted. That is you have to again do the deletion process and not to log in again to permanently delete your account.


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