How to Make Full Backup For MediaTek device

10 Apr 2014

How to Make Full Backup For MediaTek device – Full backup need when we gone modified our device, On MediaTek device we can use CWM recovery or use MTK Droid Tool. In this tutorial i will show you how to do full backup for MediaTek device ( phones with MT6592, MT6589, MT6582, MT6577, MT6575, MT6572, MT6516 chipset) using MTK Droid Tool.

Requirements :

How to Make Full Backup For MediaTek device :
  • Install Busybox to your device, for easy installation go to google play store and install from there.
  • Enable USB Debugging, Go to System Setting > Developer Options, tick on USB Debugging with this option your phone will be able to communicate with computer.
    How to Make Full Backup For MediaTek device
  • Install USB VCOM Driver to your computer, Connect your phone and open Device Manager right click on Question Mark device. Navigate to USB VCOM Driver.
    How to Make Full Backup For MediaTek device
  • Download MtkDroidTools v2.5.3 and extract it to your favorite location on your computer. Open MTKdroidTools as Administrator to prevent any problem. Wait for a while then connect your phone to computer. MTKdroidTools will soon detect your phone and begin to provide your basic phone information.
    How to Make Full Backup For MediaTek device
  • Click on ROOT Button, this will grant MTKdroidTools to use root permission on your device, without click ROOT Button, Backup Button will be disable. When you click ROOT Button asking permission window will be pop up on your phone. Grant It.

  • Now we are going to begin backup process, click on Root, Backup, Recovery tab. If you ready to make backup then click Backup Button, the backup process will be start. Please don’t remove your phone, turn off your computer, reboot your phone, etc just wait. The backup process will take about 15 minutes 
    How to Make Full Backup For MediaTek device
  • When finish it will ask you to packing backup, click on Yes. Your backup file will be on backup folder inside MTKdroidTools folder. This is Full backup for your Android Phone with MediaTek Chipset, can be flash using FlashTool. ie We pack everything kept in archive: D:androidZTE V967SBackup ZTE V967SMtkDroidTools
    How to Make Full Backup For MediaTek device

Done, This backup method can be use to all MediaTek devices. Include +Lenovo Phones. Thank you for reading this tutorial if your have a problem please do’t hesitate to leave a comments and don’t forget to share this guide…

  1. Hi there,

    I've been through your guide with no success!
    I own a Lenovo S920, which was pre-rooted with cwm pre-installed
    when it was delivered to me.

    I followed your first steps installing busybox and usb vcom driver with success.
    Now when I try to run the mtk droid tools, nothing happens.

    The adb shell command outputs error: device not found.

    Also there is another wierd behaviour in the cwm recovery. When I try to backup it outputs error: cannot mount /data

    Any idea what maybe wrong about it?

    1. Hi
      Are you already enable usb debugging? Most of the problem device not found because usb debugging was not enable, go to system setting->developer mode -> usb debugging please enable it and look if mtk droid tool can found your device

    2. USB debugging is enabled..
      I just figured it out. I was missing the Lenovo USB Driver.
      I download it from a russian forum, I installed it along with the Vcom driver
      and everything worked out just fine!
      Maybe you should add a small not for Lenovo smartphones regarding
      the lenovo usb driver.

      Nice guide. Thank you very much…

      PS: I think that you should write another one on how to restore an mtk device
      after the backup!

  2. Hi buddy
    I already got android version 4.4.2 Kit Kat OTA update for lenovo s920 but I can't root my device with several rooting methods .So please help to root my device .I 'rom Malaysia .Thanks in advanced.

    1. I just updated my phone few days ago to kitkat via the official system upgrade. I bought my phone from China. And I could not root my phone at all. I have used all the apps and the phone dont let me to root it.. Its also in chinese version after I update it. I dont understand chinese…. plzz help.. regret updating it TT

    2. Android 4.4.2 cannot be root using framaroot, vroot, or etc when root it you need to change lenovo standard recovery with custom recovery then install root from there. Yes update vibe ui 2.0 remove all google applications and change your multilanguage rom with cn firnware. Just make backup current rom and IMEI first then change your rom to row / international version

    1. the other question is already ok, thank you.
      But now, i follow this guide, and when i have to click on root button… i do that, and i can't do anything else because it say "ERROR: adbd file not to install".
      What i'm soing wrong???
      i try rootchecke and it say i'm root.

    2. I am suspect with windows vista, because i never use it. I am using windows 7 and windows xp and never have problem installing adb server. Maybe tried this on the windows search box type cmd, if you found the result right click on it and run as administrator. Your using administrator user with right click run as administrator is a different think. On cmd type adb kill server, then type adb devices while connect your device

    1. As far as i know when your email match with email on the google play then google play with recognize your device. Try search busybox from play store on your device, if not maybe you need wait for sometime for google play to recognize your device

  3. Happy New Year Andy,
    I'm having trouble while my device (Lenovo S850) connected to usb, MTKdroidTools couldn't detect my device. I've also installed the VCOM driver, it appears 'MediaTek Preloader USB VCOM Port' instead of that shown in your picture above, it only appears for a second and gone. I did turn off my device before doing this. I notice it began to charging mode once I connect the device to usb. I tried this on two computers with the same problems. Is it because the existing of the battery? But my battery built in.
    Any solution bro?

    1. Hi,
      Backup full system may take 45-60 minutes to finish, it recommend to you to factory reset your device first before do full backup because when restoring withoutfactory reset it possibilitu that you device boot loop because of application that installed on your device

  4. hello andy
    i have done every thing you said in this tutorial and everything went fine with the root.
    when clicking the backup button on the Root, Backup, Recovery tab, it pops up a message saying :
    system and userdata won't backup! to continue ?

    (FYI: i tried to continue, when the program asked me to pack the backup and i confirmed, it poped up a message saying failure to pack

    what am i doing wrong ?

    1. hi,
      yes this is guide is general backup full ROM for MTK devices, try to explorer the MTK Droid Tool there is a menu to backup your NVRAM folder that store your IMEI. you can also made custom recovery using MTK droid Tool, so please explorer the tool.
      packing is like zip, do it won't effect when it fail, the important is system files, it recommended that you do factory reset first before do this backup because sometime application file that store on /data give error on backup process. just make sure your device already rooted install root checker at google play

    1. i did it now and i installed ADB because i didn't find the media tech USB VCom in Device manager and after that MTKDriod can read the phone but now when i press root this message appear " — ERROR : file adbd not install ! "

    1. modem file is not important, the important is NVRAM because it contains your IMEI, without the IMEI communicate ability will off, modem can be use another phone with same model.
      if your phone already flash with new firmware and there is no problem with signal then i think it fine no need to worried about previous modem. but if your signal is not stable than need to change modem files

    1. hello sir,thnks for the nice tutorial.i've successful backup my device.i did it twice to make sure its working properly but sir i didnt factory reset my device when doing the that ok?or do i have to factory reset my device and do the backup again.your help is much appreciated.

    2. @nur, if you do factory reset you can distribute the backup file, so people that dont have backup file can use your's file with same device type with you. but if you don't factory reset it you can only use it for yourself.
      it ok i think when restore and it bootloop just go to recovery menu and do factory reset.

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