How To Lock Your Netflix Settings With A PIN?


Netflix adds 4-digit PIN code to stop freeloaders messing up your saved library

With everybody staying at home, movie/TV series watching has become an important past time for users. Most of us share our Netflix passwords with our friends and near and dear ones. However, one of the drawbacks of sharing your Netflix password is these friends and relatives can really mess up your library and recommendations. Searching for a movie or a TV series from the 100s of available titles is a huge ask even for the savviest of Netflix users. With freeloaders messing up your Netflix library, it is often hard to remember the last episode watched or the last movie seen.

Thankfully,  Netflix has introduced a new set of parental controls so its users can have a bit more control over their accounts. The new features include the ability to set a 4-digit PIN code onto each profile. This feature can help Netflix users to keep kids from watching those steamy movies and TV series but it can also protect the users from those who are using your Netflix password to. While there’s nothing inherently wrong with letting a few family members piggyback off your account, it usually messes up your recommendations.

Netflix today publicized the new settings with a blogpost saying, ‘Everyone can now add these new, improved controls to their profile by going to account settings on our mobile or laptop,’ Parents can also stop the auto play feature entirely.

How To Lock Your Netflix Profile With A PIN?

  • Log-in to your Netflix via a browser
  • Tap on the account details section in the upper right corner of the screen
  • Tap on ‘Account’ and then open the ‘Profiles and Parental Controls’ section
  • You will see an option to set up a pin for your account
  • Once you set the pin, no one can access your account without entering the PIN

Parental Control G-Rating Filter

Netflix users can also set a filter based on the General Audience rating or the G-rating for their accounts. Once you enable this filter, only movies and TV series which have G-rating filter can be seen.

Sharing Netflix with your friends

If you are into binge watching Netflix movies and TV shows with your friends, I suggest you use third-party plugins. You can also use Netflix Party. a Google Chrome extension that lets you watch Netflix remotely with others. Once you’ve set it up, you can start watching any Netflix film or show and click on the Netflix Party button to create a Netflix Party.


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