How to Install Vibe UI 2.0 on Lenovo S920 include with Gapps 1443

18 Mar 2015

How to Install Vibe UI 2.0 on Lenovo S920 include with Gapps 1443 – Today i will posting about installing china version firmware on Lenovo S920, this china firmware already modified so it will fit with Lenovo S920 international or europe version and it already include Google Applications so you will not bother to install it.
This guide need some requirements to fulfill, without it you cannot install Vibe UI 2.0 on your Lenovo S920. This guide will erase your current operating system and installing a new operating system so please make backup preparation first before start following this guide, once erase there is no way to restore it back.
This guide also has possibility to brick your device so please consider it before decide to following this guide.

Disclaimer :
This guide for educational purpose only, We not responsible if your device bricked after following this tutorial. Even this guide is already tested but it has possibility to brick your phone, (DWYOR)

How to Install Vibe UI 2.0 on Lenovo S920 include with Gapps 1443

Requirements :

  • because Vibe UI 2.0 is china version firmware so it only can installed from china version firmware, look at System Setting ↦ Software Information ↦ About Device if Build Number contains ROW than you need to convert your firmware to china version. download S920_S141_130614 and install with flash tool. extract the files replace recovery.img with TWRP_2.6.3.0_Lenovo_S920CN_FT and delete or rename checksum.ini inside the extracted folder
  • need custom recovery on china firmware, so if you already have china version firmware then you need to have custom recovery installed on your device, download TWRP_2.6.3.0_Lenovo_S920CN_FT and install with flash tool method.
Download :
  • VIBEUI_V2.0_1443_7.25.1_ST 637 Mb, this is Vibe UI 2.0 file that can only be install with custom recovery through recovery mode.
How to Install Vibe UI 2.0 on Lenovo S920 include with Gapps 1443
  1. If you manage to get to this step, i am assume you already success install china firmware version with custom recovery on your Lenovo S920, the rest of this step is very easy to follow. 
  2. Download the Vibe UI 2.0 files and move or copy to your external SD Card, better copy it to the root of your external SD Card don’t inside the folder.
  3. Turn off your device and boot to recovery mode, press and hold Power button + Volume Up + Volume Down button release it until you can see TWRP main menu.
    How to Install Vibe UI 2.0 on Lenovo S920 include with Gapps 1443
  4. Select Wipe ↦ Swipe to wipe, recommended to do factory reset or wipe before installing the ROM.
  5. Back to main menu and select Install ↦ Select Zip to Install browse it to external SD Card and the select VIBEUI_V2.0_1443_7.25.1_ST, just Swipe to Install 
  6. Wait the process until finish, back to main menu again do Wipe ↦ Swipe to wipe, now after do factory reset you can Reboot System and do normal boot
  7. Done, first booting will take longer than usually so be patience. Confirm that you already successful install Vibe UI 2.0 on Lenovo S920
That it guide for today, this actually contains 2 time flashing ROM if your Lenovo S920 use International ROM version and don”t hesitate to leave comments when you got problems or found any broken links regarding this guide. Thank You
  1. Before I download this firmware from Yandex disk , I managed to have a peek inside the firmware folder and, I doubt that this firmware format can be INSTALLED using TWRP, please correct me if I am wrong this can only be Install using factory recovery since it contains a "recovery" folderand the complete OTA file structure. It can only be installed if you modify this structure (which most TWRP?CWM flashable zip are based upon). I had modified the OTA structured files to be able to be Installable through this OTA structured zip but it must not include the "recovery" folder and the META file must be modified to not flash any recovery (factory recovery reference) or the Installation will abort or worse it will brick the device.

    1. hi,
      have you tried it ?
      do you know that this is not official china firmware ? this ROM already modified by russian developer with add google applications and remove unused applications,
      do you know why zip file cannot installed using TWRP or custom recovery and must be installed using standard recovery ?
      anyway thank you for your concern, and if you have not tried it please don't comments but anyway if this ROM cannot installed using custom recovery it won't brick your device

  2. Hello Andy I have checked VIBE UI website official download….. and they have the latest one update VIBEUI_V2.0_1503_7.136.1_ST_S920

    Is there is some difference with VIBEUI_V2.0_1451_7.63.1_ST_S920

    Thanks For Your assistance

  3. Hi Andy, I have update my Lenovo s920 to Vibe Ui V2.0 with build number VIBEUI_V2.0_1512_7.144.1_ST_S920 that a China version? Will this guide work for me?… Can't I just install the gapps only ..because I have update to the latest version but now I have to install the older version..

    1. Hi,
      The important thing about this guide is the twrp or custom recovery as long as the custom recovery can be inztalled successful thab you can install gapps on your device so just try and see if custom recovery or twrp can work on your rom version

  4. Muhd Aiman ALL stock "VIBE" ROMS are China only firmwares with telephone database build in only for China mainland. I modify this VIBE ROMS to ROW versions that is my speciality. But I dont want to advertise my site on this site (maybe Admin will interpret my puprpose as being ulterior) I have modified for A880/A889 , S939 from Vibe 2.0 to be 100% ROW.

  5. I'm still confused. Sorry but i still want to ask, i updated mine with 1507, will it be downgraded if i use the custom recovery? I really regret updating and will be glad if i can have it downgraded so i can use gapps again.

    1. hi,
      no custom recovery only change the recovery to custom twrp or cwm but not change ROM, if you wanna downgrade you must flash with flash tool. by the way all china ROM or VIbe UI 2.0 will not have google application include, yours already modified by the store that sell the phone to you so it include google applications

  6. i am getting an error in flashing twrp recovery via sp flash is saying –


    [Android Download] PMT is ready and layout has been changed!

    Please choose firmware upgrade instead of download to avoid important data lost.

    What to do ?

  7. I've just installed this rom, it's beautifull fast and smooth no bugs.Google installed already.
    But I don't know why my sim slot 2 (2g) no signal sim1 3g work fine.
    Create 2 partition like os Jellybean (Internal & Buil-In storage) about 6gb&2gb
    Languages EN CN RU. I'm so loved this rom but have to uninstall because it's no signal on sim2.
    Already replace radio firmware to v23 it's not work.

    1. Hi,
      Sorry to hear that, when you got no signal on sim 2 have you check the imei? Maybe it not modem file but vmbecause the imei 2 is missing so you cannot recieved signal. But can be restore using this guide

  8. Thanks for your advice Andy. I've already checked my imei it's o.k. but it's shown only imei1.
    I lived in Thailand sim1 Dtac-850 2100 3g sim2 Metfone gsm's cambodia. Rom kitkat row version 221 all of them show signal. Vibe ui 2.0 has only1. When I change sim1 to sim2 dtac 850 2100 show signal 2gR sim2 to sim1 Metfone gsm show 3g signal. It's look like it's chane channal if i free
    i will check it again. I so loved this rom it's so beautifull smooth and stable. Thanks for your geat job. I've got a lot of method for mtk device from your webpage. Many thanks.

    1. Your welcome ,i hope you find the solution for your problem.
      Usually when you use dual sim device it will show 2 imei, and both will result you got the signal for the imei but if only show 1 imei then maybe the is problem with the other slot, but keep trying to fix it. And i hope my blog can help you

    1. Error 4032 is mean you need special preloader for flashing your device because your device produce in 2004, search at google special preloader S920 error 4032 you will find much forum that will give you the preloader

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