How to Install Google Chrome Extensions on your Android Smartphone


Add your desired Google Chrome Extensions on your Android Smartphone

Google Chrome Extensions are very helpful for multiple reasons for a user, and there are tons of requests to Google for adding the support for chrome extensions on smartphones. So what is Google Chrome Extension? Extensions are small software programs that customize the browsing experience. They enable users to tailor Chrome functionality and behavior to individual needs or preferences. They are built on web technologies such as HTML, JavaScript, and CSS.

An extension must fulfill a single purpose that is narrowly defined and easy to understand. A single extension can include multiple components and a range of functionality, as long as everything contributes towards a common purpose.

A screenshot of an extension's icon in the browser barUser interfaces should be minimal and have intent. They can range from a simple icon, such as the Google Mail Checker extension shown on the right, to overriding an entire page.

Extension files are zipped into a single .crx package that the user downloads and installs. This means extensions do not depend on content from the web, unlike ordinary web apps. Extensions are distributed through the Chrome Developer Dashboard and published to the Chrome Web Store. For more information, see the store developer documentation.

How to Install Google Chrome Extension on your Android Smartphone

You need to Install the Kiwi browser on your Android Smartphone for using the Google Chrome Extensions. Why the Kiwi browser? The Kiwi is a Chrome-Based Browser that runs on Google’s Blink Engine and Webkit. Thus, you can expect the same speed and page loads. Apart from speeds, the Browser also has the interface much like the Chrome Browser with inbuilt Ad Blocking and Night Mode. And with Chrome Extensions Support for Android is becomes a complete Chrome Browser.

Features of the Kiwi browser:

-> Built on Google Chromium Code

-> Chrome Extension Support

-> Has core features and interface as Chrome Browser

-> Inbuilt Ad Blocking and Night Mode.

-> Data Saver and much more.

How to Install Chrome Extensions on the Kiwi browser?

-> Download Kiwi Browser from Google Play Store from here

-> Open Kiwi Browser and enter chrome://extensions in the address bar.

-> Enable developer mode. (If it doesn’t show up, you may need to reload the tab.)

-> Now Visit in Desktop Mode.

-> Look for your desired extension and install it. Done!

Hurry!!! You have successfully installed Google Chrome Extension on your Android Smartphone. If you face any problem regarding installing Google Chrome Extension on your Android Smartphone then kindly mention in the comment box, we will try to solve the issue ASAP.


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