How to Increase the Performance of Your Android Phone

There are
many ways in which we can increase the performance of our android device. While
most of the users don’t have any ideas how to increase the performance of their
phone, knowing how to do it will help you a lot. Thus, if you realize that your
android phone is becoming slower, it is time to take this issue seriously. 

Learn More About Your Device
Before you try to make some changes with your android phone,
you have to know some drawbacks and capabilities of your android phone. When
installing apps, it is also important that you don’t install apps that consume
a lot of memory as it will make your phone run slower. 
Update to the Latest Firmware
Updating your android phone to the latest firmware is the easiest thing
to do if you want to ensure that your phone is running to its maximum
performance. With each version that Google updates regularly, having the latest
firmware installed will make your phone running faster. These updates include
security issues, stability and also higher performance.
Deal with Unnecessary Apps
Next, you need to deal with apps that you don’t actually use
or you don’t use it very often. Keep in mind that installing many apps can make
your phone run slower. Some apps especially those that are running in the
background can consume a lot of memory, making your phone to run slower. The
rule of the thumb is to install apps that you use frequently and uninstall
those apps that you don’t use very often. It is quite simple, isn’t it? 
Try to Disable Apps You Don’t Use
Disabling apps is the easiest way to increase the performance
of your android phone. By disabling apps, you don’t need to uninstall apps,
allowing you to enable the apps the next time you want to use it without
reinstalling it again.
Don’t Forget to Update Apps
Next, you need to update your apps to the latest version.
This is a very good idea as you can ensure that you receive some updates and
improvements for the app that you are using. Most developers will update their
app frequently, allowing the users to get a better experience when they are
using the app. 
Minimize the Use of Widgets
Having widgets can improve your experience when accessing a
number of different features available on your android phone. However, you must
know that having too many widgets is a bad idea. They will take a lot of memory
on your android phone.
Turn Off the Animations
Animations provide a fun experience for the users when they
are accessing some features on their android phone. While they add beauty when
you are using the phone, they will also take a lot of memory. Thus, if you want
to choose performance over beauty, turning off the animations would be a good
These are
some considerations that you can use the next time you want to increase the
performance of your phone. You don’t have to be an expert as you can follow
these simple tips.

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