How to hide and spoof your Location in Google Chrome and Mozilla Firefox


How to hide and falsify(spoof) your location in Google Chrome and Mozilla Firefox browsers

Every browser available today tracks your location using something called the Geolocation Service. There is no way you can avoid using Google Chrome or Mozilla Firefox without them knowing your location. It is also important to remember that these location services are useful for you to get targeted ads, targeted search results, etc. If you want to know the temperature or whether it’s raining in your area, your browser will quickly let you know if it knows your location.

But there are times when you want to hide your location from Google and Mozilla through the Chrome or Firefox browser. There may be various reasons for you to do so. Some may be worried about privacy while others just don’t want the browsers to know where they are based. In this article, we are going show you how to hide your current location in Google’s Chrome and Mozilla’s Firefox browser. We will also explain to you how to spoof your location/ fake your location in Chrome and Firefox browser.

Hiding your Location in Google Chrome

Open your Chrome browser and click on the three-point menu at the top right of the browser. In the menu, select Settings. In settings go to the Privacy and Security option. Click that option and you will find an option called Site Settings in a window. In this window, there is a Location section. By default the location will be set to Ask before accessing (recommended). You can toggle that to BLOCKED.

Do remember to clear your history and cache because the cookies in your browser cache can remember where you are from. Shut down the Chrome browser and restart it. Google will never know where you are from.

Hiding your Location in Mozilla Firefox

Open your Firefox browser, go to Options. In Options tab select Privacy and security and look for the Location section which is at the bottom of your screen. In this Location section, you can block your location as well as add/modify the sites you want to disallow access. Just below you can see a box to hide the requests to know your location. Just click the box and you will be hidden from the world. Remember to clear your history and cache and restart the browser.

Spoofing/faking your location in Google Chrome

Sometimes Google Chrome users want to spoof their location aka give a false location in the browser. They can do it by using a VPN or using third party extensions. The simplest way to do so is to download an extension called Location Guard which you can do from the official Chrome store here. Install the extension and enable it. The Location Guard allows you to modify your location to any place in the world while browsing. This browser extension is completely free and well worth a try. 

Spoofing/faking your location in Firefox

If you want to spoof/fake your location in the Firefox browser you can do it within the browser itself. You have to enter about: config and search for the geo.enabled flag and make sure it is set to True. Once that is done, search for the flag,

Once you find the, you have to change certain values manually. You can see the edit button, click on it and paste the following text data: application / json, {«location»: {«lat»: 00.0000, «lng»: -00.0000}, «accuracy»: 27000.0} and save the settings. Basically what you are doing is telling Firefox your latitude and longitude is zero. If you want to fake your location as a certain place, just find the latitude and longitude of that place and paste it in this value. For example, you want your location to be faked/spoofed as Berlin whose latitude and longitude are as follows: 52.5200° N, 13.4050° E

Now instead of pasting this > application / json, {«location»: {«lat»: 00.0000, «lng»: -00.0000}, «accuracy»: 27000.0} paste this > application / json, {«location»: {«lat»: 52.5200, «lng»: -13.4050}, «accuracy»: 27000.0}.

You are done. The Firefox browser and all the websites that you visit through it will think you are based in Berlin.


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