How to get forgotten WiFi password from your Smartphone


Forgot your WiFi password? here is how you can find it using your Android Smartphone

Remembering multiple accounts passwords and forgetting one of those is quite acceptable. In the current generation, people forget their Smartphones, wallets, watches, etc and lose it but this ain’t the case with your WiFi password. Below we have shown how to recover your WiFi password using your Android Smartphone. There are two possibilities of having your smartphone rooted or not rooted, but you don’t need to worry as we have a solution for both.

How to recover your WiFi password from Rooted Android Smartphone

There are two methods to recover your WiFi password from Rooted Android Smartphone. One is from File Manager and the other is by a Third-party app.

How to recover using File Manager

-> You have to download a file manager on your phone.

-> Open the application and go to the “data/misc/wifi” folder.

-> A prompt will come out asking access to the data folder. You need to grant access to the folder.

-> Navigate through the folder. Your WiFi password folder may come with different names but you will find the ‘WiFi password’ as commonly found words on the folder.

-> You will then see a text file with the name ‘wpa_supplicant.conf’. Download the text file.

-> Open the text file on a text editor app. The file should show the following details:

How to get forgotten WiFi password from your Smartphone


network={ssid=” WiFi Network Name” psk=” password”

key_mgmt=WPA-PSK priority=}

How to recover Using Third-party app

Using a third-party app, you can download and recover your WiFi password. The most commonly used app for this is the WiFi Password Recovery Pro App. This one is a free app so you should not worry too much about the cost.

How to recover your WiFi password from Non-rooted Android Smartphone

You need to download ES file Explorer

For a Non-rooted smartphone, you may also find it useful for you to go ahead and download the ES File Explorer from the Play Store. This app is very powerful and would grant you systems access to your phone without the need for rooting. 

There are also some very useful features that come with the app but the following steps are necessary for you to recover your password, such as:

Open the file explorer app.

-> Navigate through the app and select ‘Local Storage.’

-> A drop-down menu will lead you to a function called Device which would help you navigate to the System->WiFi.

-> In the folder of the System->WiFi, you will find a file named wpa_supplicant.conf.

-> You can open the file using a text file viewer and there is no need to download the viewer.

Hurry!!! You have successfully recovered your WiFi password. Stay tuned on ANDROID ROOKIES for more exciting stuff!!


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