How to Enable USB Debugging on Lenovo K910 aka Vibe Z


How to Enable USB Debugging on Lenovo K910 aka Vibe Z – USB debugging use for your computer so it can recognize your device, without enable it your computer will never found your device even it already connect to your computer. On some android devices enable USB debugging is very easy just go to System Setting ↦Developer Options ↦ USB Debugging just tick the option to enable, but on Lenovo K910 aka Vibe Z enable it will be different. So today i will posting a guide on How to enable USB Debugging on Lenovo K910.

Disclaimer :
This guide for educational purpose only, We not responsible if your device bricked after following this tutorial (DWYOR).

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How to Enable USB Debugging on Lenovo K910 aka Vibe Z
  1. Connect your device to your computer using USB cable, Now look on your device screen or pull down notifications bar select on Touch for other USB Options, give tick to Enable Debugging (ADB) – USB Debug Mode

  2. Extract and install Lenovo USB Driver, after connecting the device and Enable Debugging Mode (ADB). After finish installing Lenovo USB Driver, now look at your My Computer ↦ Manage ↦ Device Manager, your device will be appear as Lenovo Composite ADB Interface

  3. On look at your phone screen again, there will be pop up that ask if you wanna to Enable USB Debugging for your computer, Just tick Always Allow from this Computer and then click OK button.
  4. Finish, Now your device can be recognize with your computer, if you change your computer you must repeat the step on your new computer. 
That it, I hope this guide can solve your problems about Lenovo K910, this can be implement for Lenovo K910SS (WCDMA) and Lenovo K910 (1SIM, LTE) running Android 4.2 or above. Please leave any comments if you found problems regarding this guide.

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