How to enable the new start menu in Windows 10 Build 20161?


How to enable the new start menu in Windows 10 Build 20161?

Microsoft launched its Windows 10 May 2020 update on May 27 after six months of its previous major update in November 2019. Unfortunately, May 2020 aka 2004 update came with multiple bugs and errors that have made its users helpless. The update caused major issues such as users faced forced restarts and also some of the devices failed to work with NVIDIA. The update also caused in breaking printer ports and many more minor issues.

While in the week we reported the company added new features to its Windows 10 Preview Build 20161, And after rolling out several builds specifically focused on improvements, bug fixes, and optimizations under the hood. However, the most amazing feature in this build is the legit Windows 10 Start menu. Specifically, the tiles are now theme-aware which is a further step away from the design language initially introduced in Windows 8.

Well, the newly updated start menu is still undergoing testing and only available to the users that have their systems running on the Windows 10 build 20161. The build is now only available on the developer channel. But just having the correct build of the operating system installed is not enough. Microsoft is conducting A/B testing, so only a subset of Insiders will see the redesigned Start menu.

As shared by WindowsUnited, a tool named ViveTool can be used to manually activate the new Start menu. So let’s have a look at how you can enable it:

Firstly you need to download the ViveTool from the Github Repository which can be visited from here.

  1. After downloading you need to extract the file.
  2. After extracting click the Start button, type cmd, right-click the Command Prompt icon and select Run as administrator
  3. Click Yes in the User Account Control dialog and switch to the folder you extracted ViveTool tool; for example cd C:\Users\AndroidRookies\Desktop\ViveTool
  4. Now enter the command ViVeTool.exe addconfig 23615618 2 and press Enter
  5. Restart your computer and when Windows loads you should be able to see the new Start menu.

This is how you can use the new start menu on your Windows 10 PC/Laptop. If you find any errors while installing this new start menu, mention it in the comment section below. To stay updated on Windows 10 and Microsoft news subscribe to our newsletter from here.


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