How to enable HTTPS only mode in Firefox


Security First: How to enable HTTPS only mode in your Mozilla Firefox and protect yourself from MITM attacks

Mozilla Firefox ranks just below Google’s Chrome browser in popularity. We have already reported how both Chrome and Firefox are consistently ranked below Microsoft’s Edge browser for malware protection and stopping phishing attacks. However, there some things you can do with your Firefox browser to protect yourself from man-in-the-middle (MITM) attacks. In this article, we will explain how to activate the Always HTTPS mode in your Firefox browser. Mozilla has recently added the Always HTTPS Enabled functionality recently to Firefox browsers to improve the privacy and security of the user when surfing the web.

Why should you enable the always use HTTPS function in the Firefox browser?

Browsers are necessary to surf the Internet. However, browsers are the number one threat vectors for hackers and cybercriminals to steal your personal identifiable information (PII) and banking/email/social media passwords. All browsers improve their security through various mechanisms but it is all up to us to make use of such features provided by browser makers. One such facility is enabling HTTPS only in Firefox.

You probably know that when you surf the Internet, you use either HTTP or HTTPS URL. HTTPS ensures that the your data while in transit is encrypted while the data on HTTP websites is exposed on the network and can be intercepted. For example, banking websites will always be HTTPS so that cybercriminals and hackers can’t steal the data by performing a man-in-the-middle (MITM) attack. However, nowadays HTTPS sites are very common. Most websites like our Androidrookies come in the HTTPS version so hackers and cybercriminals can’t access your data in transit. However, it is up to you to desist from visiting HTTP websites totally and you can do it from your updated Firefox browser.

How to enable always HTTPS function in Firefox

Remember, activating Always HTTPS function on your Firefox browser will load only HTTPS websites. This feature is present since the Mozilla Firefox 80 version and you can disable it if you want to visit any HTTP website.

The purpose of this Firefox security feature is to load only HTTPS websites. In other words, if a web page is available in HTTP and HTTPS, enabling this option will necessarily load the HTTPS version. If the website doesn’t have an HTTPS version, Firefox would give an error. Here is how to enable it.

Open your Firefox browser version 80 and above and Type in

about: preferences#privacy 

At the bottom of the Firefox privacy settings window, you will see the HTTPS-Only Mode feature. By default, the HTTPS-Only Mode is disabled. You can enable it and set your Firefox to resolve only HTTPS websites.

Firefox gives us three options. You can activate HTTPS-Only Mode only in Windows private windows or activate it in all browser windows. The third one is your current enable all websites feature. You can select the one that you want and restart the browser.


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