How to Easy Rooting Lenovo S660

14 Jul 2014

How to Easy Rooting Lenovo S660 – Rooting is the first step for modified your device to make it more powerful, There are many way you can use to rooting your devices some of them are very difficult to follow and some of them is very easy even for a beginner. Today i will post on How to Rooting Lenovo S660 using Easy Method, if you are beginner in Android you can follow this guide. But always remember Rooting, Modified your devices may void your warranty so please consider it first.

Disclaimer :
This guide for educational purpose only, We not responsible if your device bricked after following this tutorial.  (DWYOR)

How to Easy Rooting Lenovo S660

Pre Requisites :

  • For safety, please backup all your data on your device so if something happen you can restore it. You can use MTK Droid Tool for Full Backup
  • Please enable Unknown Source, go to System Settings ↦ Security tick Unknown Source option, without tick this option security will prevents you to install apart from Google Play Store.
  • Make sure you battery > 50%, we don’t wanna sudden shutdown interfere our rooting process.
  • This method can only work for Android 4.2 or lower.
Download :
How to Easy Rooting Lenovo S660
  1. Download Framaroot v1.81 to your device, or to your computer. If you download on your computer please move or copy it to your device.
  2. Manual install Framaroot v1.81, confirm any security warning and continued to install. Once it complete you can see Framaroot icon on your applications drawer.
    How to Easy Rooting Lenovo S660
  3. Now, you can click to open it. 
  4. Select Install SuperSu on the first dropdown options.Then click on Boromir button, rooting process will begin and will only take 4-5 seconds. Wait until message appears told that Success, SuperSu and su binary installed.
    How to Easy Rooting Lenovo S660
    How to Easy Rooting Lenovo S660
  5. Click OK on the warning message and your device will reboot automatically.
    How to Easy Rooting Lenovo S660
  6. After normal boot, now your Lenovo S660 already ROOTED. Check on your applications drawer and find for SuperSu icon. Click it to update the binary SU, when you successful update it, it means you have successful Rooting Your Lenovo S660.
You can also verified your device root status with Root Checker, That it now you can install custom recovery CWM or TWRP to your Lenovo S660. I hope this guide can help you solve your problems please leave any comment if you get problems following this guide.
    1. Hi,
      Really? Please give me firmware detail of your phone. Maybe you are using the wrong framaroot version, try exactly like the guide, don't download the newest version of framaroot because it not for mtk devices.

      Thank you

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