How to download and play PUBG on PC/Laptop?


How to play PlayerUnknowns BattleGrounds on PC/Laptop?

PLAYERUNKNOWN’S BATTLEGROUNDS is a battle royale shooter that pits 100 players against each other in a struggle for survival. Gather supplies and outwit your opponents to become the last person standing.

PLAYERUNKNOWN, aka Brendan Greene, is a pioneer of the battle royale genre and the creator of the battle royale game modes in the ARMA series and H1Z1: King of the Kill. At PUBG Corp., Greene is working with a veteran team of developers to make PUBG into the world’s premiere battle royale experience.

PUBG has also been awarded the best game of 2018 with exciting features and maps and top battleground game. There are even 100’s of tournaments been organized by the smartphone giants and organizations. Well there is also a PUBG Mobile tournament organized by OnePlus that is to be played on June 2nd.

There are two ways that you can use to play PUBG on your PC/Laptop.

How to Play PUBG on PC/Laptop (without emulator)

To play PUBG on your PC you need to download and buy the game on your PC/Laptop from steam. PUBG is priced at $13.20(Rs 999) and can be bought on steam from here.

PUBG PC is available to play via Steam. First you need to install Steam, the most popular PC game storefront, and then follow these steps to get started.

  1. Go to this website by clicking here > download and install Steam for Windows PC.
  2. Once Steam is installed > open it and sign in to your account. Or else, if you don’t have a Steam account, you can create a new account as well.
  3. After you’ve signed in > in the bottom left corner, click on Add a Game > click on Browse the Steam Store for Games > in the search bar, type PUBG.
  4. From there, you’ll be able to purchase PUBG for Rs. 999. You just have to click on Add a cart > then choose between Purchase for me or Purchase as a gift > add a payment method** and finally, make your purchase.
  5. Once you have the game purchased, you can play PUBG on PC.

How to Play PUBG on PC/Laptop (with an emulator)

The only way to play PUBG PC is to Buy and download from Steam. There is another way to play PUBG PC but the game is in the LITE version of PUBG PC. You can also play PUBG on PC with the help of an emulator. Note: The emulator runs the Mobile version of PUBG and not the PUBG PC.

  1. Click here and download the official Gameloop PUBG Mobile emulator which used to be called Tencent Gaming Buddy earlier.
  2. After the .exe file is downloaded, install it on your system.
  3. Once installed, open the emulator, which you’ll see will boot up in the Chinese language. So, before going ahead, you need to change the language to English.
  4. To do that, give the run command on your Windows PC by pressing Windows key + R and type regedit. Click on OK and from the pop-up menu, click on Yes.
  5. This will open the Registry Editor with the MobileGamePC already selected in the sub-menus on the left.
  6. Under MobileGamePC, double-click on UserLanguage and enter en_US in Value data. Click on OK and restart the emulator.
  7. Well, that’s it. After you open the emulator, in the search bar look for PUBG Mobile > download and install the game > once the game is installed, it will appear in the My Games section of the emulator. Click on it to play.

This how you can download and play PUBG on your PC/Laptop. For more news and tutorials subscribe to Android Rookies Newsletter from here


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