How to disable TalkBack mode on any Android Smartphone


Accidentally turned on TalkBack mode on your Android Smartphone? here is how you can turn it off

If you own an Android Smartphone, you must have seen a feature called “TalkBack” while browsing the options under device Accessibility settings. This is an excellent feature especially for blinds, and those with low vision. Once activated, your smartphone speaks out whatever you do on your smartphone. I have tested the method described below to turn off the TalkBack feature on Android Smartphones from Samsung, OnePlus, Huawei, LG, Motorola, Google Nexus and Pixel. Because it is a native Android feature, it is found on all Android Smartphone.


How to disable TalkBack mode on any Android Smartphone

To enable TalkBack on your Android Smartphone you are requested to grant these permissions

  • Observing actions: It receives notifications when the user interacts with a system or 3rd-party app on his phone.
  • Enables gesture: When Voice Assistant or TalkBack is enabled, normal touch input is disabled and you can explore your phone using gestures like pressing and holding the items on the screen, double-tap, etc.
  • Observes text input: TalkBack has access to everything you type on your device, whether it be some normal text or PINs and passwords.
  • Fingerprint gestures: It can also capture the gestures performed on the fingerprint sensor of your Android smartphone.
  • Enables display magnification: It also enables display magnification on your smartphone.

To active TalkBack is easier than to disable it, as to activate it you have to press the on button and to disable it is a huge task.

How to turn off TalkBack on your Android Smartphone

To turn off the TalkBack mode you need to be on the home screen and draw down the notification drawler by using two fingers. As to swipe upward or downward you need to use two fingers in TaalkBack mode.

Selecting an option requires a single tap and opening it needs a double-tap.

follow the instruction as done in below image

How to turnoff talkback mode

Congratulations!!!! You have successfully disabled TalkBack mode on your Android Smartphone


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