How to disable lockscreen on Windows 10 2004 update?


Tired of lock screen of your Windows 10 PC/Laptop? here is how you can disable it

Microsoft released the lock screen feature with the launch of Windows 8 and further made it available on Windows 8.1 and Windows 10 too. Lockscreen is a page that displays an image, time and date, and can show preferred apps, such as your calendar, messages, and mail, all while your computer is locked. To operate your PC/Laptop you need to enter the required password that you have set for your account.

Every time you start your Windows 10 PC/Laptop you need to enter the password and if you were a Windows 7 user then you must be bored doing this again and again. We have received a number of messages on our Facebook page asking, how to disable the Windows 10 lock screen.

No doubt there is an advantage of being secured using the Windows 10 lock screen. But if you are a developer or a student or an employee then you install multiple applications for various uses related to work. After the installation of the application Windows asks to restart the PC/Laptop to get the app properly working. This process gets the user bored and possibly wants to remove the lock screen but the option for disabling it is not listed in the settings.

While there are several settings available in Windows 10 that you can modify to improve the lock screen experience, you can also remove it by editing your Registry. To disable the Windows 10 lock screen, follow these steps:

  1. Open Windows Search at the bottom left of the screen.
  2. Search for Registry Editor and click to open it.
  3. When Windows will display a UAC asking your permission to launch the editor, simply press the Yes button to continue.
  4. In Registry, double-click HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE
  5. Navigate to \SOFTWARE\Policies\Microsoft\Windows
  6. Under the Windows folder, create a key called “Personalization.
  7. Right-click the new Personalization key you just created.
  8. Select New >> DWORD (32-bit) Value.
  9. Enter NoLockScreen as the name.
  10. Double-click the entry and change the value to 1.
  11. Once this key is created, the Windows 10 lock screen will be disabled.

This is how you can disable the lock screen of your Windows 10 PC/Laptop. If you find any difficulties in performing this tutorial, mention it in the comment section below. For more news on tech and cybersecurity stay tuned on Android Rookies by subscribing to our newsletter from here


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