How to disable Full-Screen(Pop-up) Ads on any Android Smartphone


Tired of Full-Screen Ads poping-up unnecessarily? Nothing to worry about here is how you can stop them completely

Many Android Smartphone users use multiple browsers and apps which allows these ads to pop-up. While no pop-up blocking method is 100 percent foolproof, with the right security practices, you can keep most of the digital faults away from you the next time you’re browsing the web on your Android Smartphone. Sometimes a user needs an app and doesn’t find it on Google Play Store and then searches on browsers and download it from there. While downloading these apps and files from somewhere leads to this malware which sticks to your Android Smartphone and pop-ups these ads unnecessarily. So here we will show you how to disable those ads and completely stop them.

There are few methods to block these pop-up ads.

Disable Pop-up Ads from Chrome:

  • Open Google Chrome from your Android Smartphone
  • Tap More (the three vertical dots) at the top-right of the screen.
  • Open Settings
  • Now check for Site Settings and open it
  • After opening check for Pop-ups
  • Open Pop-ups and turn it off

After doing this process still, you find the pop-up ads coming then you can change the Google ads personalization in the Google app.

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There is another way if you still find the pop-up ads coming. After doing all these processes if you come across these ads then you are at high risk of having malware in your Android Smartphone. This Malware is allowed by you unknowingly by downloading a file from a malicious website. This Malware can also collect your data and share them.

How to Stop these pop-up ads coming from this malware? You need to download an Anti-Virus software known as Malwarebytes which is free to download on Play Store. You can download Malwarebytes on your Android Smartphone from Google Play Store from here. You can also do it from any other Anti-Virus but we prefer you to do it by Malwarebytes as it is the best Anti-virus Software right now.

After downloading Malwarebytes on your Smartphone go for full scan and wait for the scan to complete. After the completion of the Scan Malwarebytes will give you a list of apps and files which contain this Malware. Delete those files and uninstall those apps which are been listed by Malwarebytes.

After deleting/uninstalling the file/app you will be free from those Full-Screen Pop-up Ads. However, sometimes these ads stick to your Android Smartphones without Malware and are unable to detect, the only way to stop them is to Factory reset your Android Smartphone.


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