How to create a disposable or burner email id using Google Gmail


How to set up or create a burner email id or disposable email address with Gmail and delete/discard it later

Sometimes it is necessary to have a disposable email id to avoid any spam or fall back on your actual verifiable email account. While there is no fool-proof method to totally avoid spam there are ways to deal effectively against this practice. Here’s how you can create a disposable email address, which will significantly reduce the level of spam in your actual inbox. The best thing is that users won’t need to use the unconventional tool like Mailnator and Spamgourmet and can use your Google Gmail ID to create a disposable aka burner email address.

Google doesn’t have its own disposable email service, although Gmail users have the option to create a custom email address that can be discarded when it’s no longer needed. You can use this very feature to create a disposable email id. Here is how to do it.

When you are required to enter an email address for a particular website or service but don’t want to give your actual Gmail address, here is what you should do. When prompted to enter your email into a service with which you would prefer not to share information, write it as usual, but add a specific label.

For example, your email id is [email protected] but you don’t want to give this id, add a tag/label after androidrookies in the Gmail address as follows: [email protected] You can add your own label instead of unwantedemail like temporary, temp, etc. Adding the + sign between your email address and the label is useful but not required as such. It only helps you define the label better.

Once you enter this Gmail id on the website or service, they will send an email to you for verification. By enabling this feature, emails sent to that address will appear in your inbox along with everyone else, but with that specific tag at the end of the address.

After verification, you can discard the email and stop the website/service from spamming you. Once you have used the temporary Gmail address to sign up on a website/service, they will send you a verification mail which you can verify. Any emails after that can be deleted automatically using the Gmail filter. Here is how to enable the Gmail filter to delete mails received on your temporary Gmail id.

To add a filter that will automatically delete future emails sent to your temporary Gmail ID, type in the label that you have given to your disposable email address. In this case, we have given the name unwantedemail, and here is how I did it.

How to set up or create a burner email id or disposable email address with Gmail

In From option enter the disposable label you made and click “Create Filter”.  Once the Create Filter window opens, check the delete it option and create the filter.

How to set up or create a burner email id or disposable email address with Gmail

Once you have followed these steps all messages sent to [email protected] will be deleted once they are received in your Gmail account.



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