How to change Wlan Mac Address on MTK Devices

06 May 2014

How to change Wlan Mac Address on MTK Devices – This guide is for MTK devices only and everything that your done to your phone is at your own risk. Sometime a china like MTK6577, MTK6589, MTK6572, MTK65xx has the same mac address and it is creating conflict when connected to wifi network, or maybe you just wanna to modified your wireless lan mac address to fit with your style. This guide is fit for you to fix the issued, This guide is for rooted devices only.

Disclaimer :
This guide for educational purpose only, We not responsible if your device bricked after following this tutorial. 

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How to change Wlan Mac Address on MTK Devices 
  1. Install Root Explorer on your device, and make sure your device already rooted.
  2. Open Root Explorer and navigate to /data/nvram/APCFG/APRDEB copy WIFI file to your sd card.
    How to change Wlan Mac Address on MTK Devices
  3. From SD card move WIFI file to your computer.
  4. Install Hex Editor to your computer, Open it and open WIFI file with it.
    How to change Wlan Mac Address on MTK Devices
    How to change Wlan Mac Address on MTK Devices
  5. Compare my old mac address with WIFI file open in Hex Editor.
  6. Now you can change your device mac address using Hex Editor fit it with your needs, remember just change column 04 – 09 don’t change anything else. When finish save a new WIFI file and copy to sd card.
  7. Turn off your wifi, open Root Explorer and navigate to /data/nvram/APCFG/APRDEB copy your new WIFI file and set permission to 660 (rw-rw—)
  8. Done, turn on your wifi. Confirm it on System Setting → WLAN → Advanced Settings
    How to change Wlan Mac Address on MTK Devices

The /data/nvram folder is your device’s heart, If this folder lost then your devices communicating ability will be lost too, so backup this folder or partition using MTK Droid Tools. I hope this guide can help you fix your problems, thank your for reading and don’t forget to share this guide..

    1. So we got the good progress, maybe this can help you, i hope so system/etc/dhcpcd/dhcpcd-run-hooks needs to have permissions fixed to "execute" by "user" "group" and "others" by using your favorite file explorer

      this will fix your "obtaining ip address loop" without having to ever use static ip address

  1. hey bro thanks for the guide… so i have a problem here, after doing things exactly according to the post, i got the new tab with the advanced settings section but when i enter it it still shows mac address unavailable… and also any way to fix ip address unavailable error ? thanks

  2. my device is a mediatek clone of samsung galaxy s5, mtk6572. yes I have tried reflashing a number of times and tried different roms too but this is the only rom that boots my device…the others don't… and yes i tried rebooting too, but the mac address keeps showing unavailable….

    1. every mtk device even it has same proc, have different behavior. Some device after flashing new ROM it need to fix NVRAM partition first until it can get wifi and signal service and other not need to too. But for samsung galaxy S5 clone i don't know it because never handle it. so sorry maybe you can search about NVRAM partition on Samsung Galaxy S5 clone forum

  3. Hi. I can raplace the /data/nvram/APCFG/APRDEB/WIFI file with the MAC address changed but nothing happens. I did either with the wi-fi opened or closed with the same results. Also, when I turn off the smartphone I turn it on again I find the original WIFI file and not my version with the MAC address modified

    1. thank you for your reply. My device is rooted. Root Check says that the "Alps X3 is rooted running Android 5.1". I tried to change the MAC address with an emulator and BusyBox and with MTK Enginereeing without results.
      The best method, the one seems works better, is modify the WIFI file but it seems that tha system saves the original MAC address somewhere and replace it at restart. I tried also to change the file permissions (-ro) without success. The WIFI file is restored at every restart

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