How to Change Modem File for Lenovo S860 CN and ROW Version

16 Sep 2014

How to Change Modem File for Lenovo S860 CN and ROW Version – Changing modem needed when your device need to flashing different country firmware, eg You have Lenovo S860 bought from china and wanna flash international ROM version then you should install china modem after finish installing the ROM. and otherwise. Without installing modem file after flashing different country firmware will make your 3G not work, SIM 2 cannot be use and low signal strength  on both SIM slot. As much as possible the modem file must be same with phone version, if not you will get some problem with signal strength, 3G signal, and etc. This tips and tricks safely followed but also have possibility to brick your device, always have your current ROM backup before modified.

Disclaimer :
This guide for educational purpose only, We not responsible if your device bricked after following this tutorial.  (DWYOR)

How to Change Modem File for Lenovo S860 CN and Euro Version

Requirements :

Downloads :
Guide of Installation :
  • Even wrong installing modem file not make your device brick, but it can make your device lost signal and cannot be used.
  • If your phone is CN (with 1 GB RAM) then always install China modem even is you flashing ROW version firmware to your device. and the otherwise.
  • But if you need to experiment then you can try to install CN for ROW and ROW for CN.
How to Change Modem File for Lenovo S860 CN and ROW Version
  1. Copy modem file to your phone, put it on SD Card root don’t put it inside the folder.
  2. Reboot your device and go to recovery mode, You can use mobile uncle to reboot to recovery mode using combination button (Power Button + Volume Up + Volume Down) press and hold until you can see TWRP or CWM main menu
  3. On the recovery mode main menu, select Install ↦ Install Zip from Sd Card point to modem zip file ↦ Swipr to Install
    How to Change Modem File for Lenovo S860 CN and ROW Version

  4. After finish installation, back to TWRP main menu and select Wipe ↦ Swipe to Factory Reset
    How to Change Modem File for Lenovo S860 CN and ROW Version

  5. Wait the process and select Reboot
  6. Normal boot and confirm the change that you already made. go to System Setting ↦ About Phone look at Baseband section it must be same with modem version you installed.
  7. Done
When one file not solve your signal problem, please try another one. Please leave any comments if got any problem regarding this guide, Radio firmware, signal lost or everything.  I will try to help you with your problems and sharing problems is good to be done. Thank you for visit.
  1. Hello, I own an S860 chiese version. Phone arrived already rooted. Vibe UI version is V1.5_9920_3_st_s860 and base band is V102.
    I'm happy with phone. I connect 3g and have no problem but signal strenght is not so good.
    Do you know if is it possibile to update only base band without changing Vive UI ROM?
    Which are differences between three base band? V14cn is the newest?
    Many thanks forma tour answers?

  2. I really appreciate you guide but I don't understand if all baseband are compatible with my rom.
    In case which are differences between baseband?
    Is Modem_S860_V14_CN the newest?
    Is it possibile to flash it via stock Vibe UI recovery?

    1. Hi,
      Yes all baseband is compatible with your devices, that make it difference is the versiin and the midem type. Some modem file good on other country and some modem file not because they not compatible with freq in that country and etc. Yes newest on is with the biggest version number.
      Not it not possible flash modem with stock vibe ui recovery, because they need sign and modem file don't have sign

    2. Hello,
      I have S860 CN version and I install 402_ROW version and change Modem file, but i still don't have 3G and network coverage problems. When i change modem version my IMEI is gone and i should put it manualy. Also when i check module version i see only S860.V102 and i'm not sure is it CN or not.
      Thank you!

    3. hi,
      IMEI gone usually when you flashing ROM, modem file cannot remove IMEI. i will try to write the step :
      1. flash new ROM
      2. check if IMEI exist or gone, if gone fix it with this guide
      3. root and install custom recovery, TWRP
      4. change the modem for obtain 3G

      S860.V102 is china modem, you should try european modem since your device is european, 2G right ?

    4. No my device is CN 1G. I already root it and install custom recovery, TWRP. But still can't find proper modem version i try all versions and no 3G connection with any of them. This happen when I install following update S860_ROW_S402_141108. I follow all instructions from this forum and after installation go to TWRP flash modem and install CN modem. But 3G not working with any version.

    5. so you mean before update to S860_ROW_S402_141108, you can have 3G ? what is your previous firmware ? you can take the modem and install to your device.
      and i hope you have backup for it.
      but aside from changing modem file have you look at network connection setting at your device? maybe you not active 3G slot or maybe on network mode you only choose GSM only

    6. Yes before update everything was OK, and i didn't have my previews version number or backup file 🙁 . I think, that everything is from my modem, because my network coverage is disappear from time to time.

  3. Hi there,

    I've bought a CN version of S860 and have flashed it to ROW version, using your guide. Great guide! It went smooth as silk!

    But apparently, i have problem using your provided modem version. Do you have any other modem version for S860? i've searched it through the net, but it went blank.

    Thanks in advance!

    1. Alright, everything is in good condition now. Thanks to you, very2 much! And btw, I'm from Malaysia, using Lenovo S860 CN version. For modem, i used Modem_S860_V102_CN and the guide provided above. Hope this helps anyone who's in Malaysia, using this phone.

  4. Hi Andy… I have a problem with my s860 CN 1GB. A couple of weeks ago my computer could not read my phone telling me that the device is unknown now the device is not visible at all on device manager. After searching widely on the internet I discovered that I could select USB PC connection in the storage setting. However that option is greyed out. How can I fix this problem. Please note my device is rooted already and I have Super User installed.

    1. hi bro,,lenovo a5000 lolipop very low network signal connection. i already sent it into lenovo center three problem not this also modem problem? signal always lost in parking lot, tunnel even in my house i saw lot of lenovo a5000 user have this problem..i failed to search this a5000 modem..what should i do?

  5. Hi , I have Lenovo S860 2G Ram , i flashed Rom CM 13 6.0.1 unofficial Cyanogen Developed By Hamada.Jimmy , every thing Working So Great Except For 2 things
    – First and it is important the 2 sim cards dose not work together the signal fail in the other one while in call and after ending the call both sim got no coverage for about 30 Second then it run back normally
    ( i want some help in that Please if you can )
    -Second thing is the battery looks like some one eating it 😀
    ( so i like the marshmallow so i will charge using Ac or any )
    thank you For reading (Y)

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