How to Automatically Reopen PC Folders after rebooting Windows


How to automatically Reopen Folders in File Explorer after Windows reboot

There are numerous features in Windows that can make you stunned and excite to use them. One of the features of Windows is that it can automatically relaunch apps after a system reboot. This feature also comes with a little extra part, that is you can configure the operating system to also relaunch the File Explorer windows that worked with before the reboot.

File Explorer is the default file manager in Windows 10, and while it does lack some very popular features, including tab support, it still comes with the essential package that just serves its purpose right for the majority of users.

At the start, Open the File Explorer and click the small arrow in the top right corner to expand the ribbon. In the View tab, click the Options button to access the File Explorer configuration screen.

There is another way, you can just click the Start menu and type “File Explorer Options”. You should then be pointed to the very same screen – as a matter of fact, the Start menu has evolved a lot and it can provide you with shortcuts too so many paths on Windows 10 as long as you know what you’re looking for.

In this Folder Options screen, click the View tab and then look in the list for an option called:

Restore previous folder windows at logon

File Explorer options on Windows 10

After finding it, enable it and Boom!!! this is what you just needed to do. The next time you reboot your device, File Explorer should save your session and restore the active windows when you get back to the desktop.

If you find any issues related to this guide mention it in the comment section. we will try to solve your issue ASAP!!! For more exciting stuff like this stay Tuned on Android Rookies.


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