How the Windows 10 Feedback Hub has turned into a spammer and political troll forum


Microsoft’s bug reporting platform, Windows 10’s Feedback Hub has turned into spam, left-wing, right-wing and adult troll forum

Microsoft had launched its Windows 10 Feedback Hub application so that Windows 10 users can notify the admins and others about bugs, glitches, and other Windows 10 or Microsoft related news. But the Microsoft Feedback hub has turned into a troll playground for spammers, left-wing trolls, right-wing trolls, and adult website link pushers.

In fact, one look at the Feedback Hub can tell you that Microsoft has stopped even looking at the platform for ages let alone improve it. With the upcoming United States Presidential elections in November 2020, the Feedback Hub is all set to become a virtual battleground between the political trolls.

The spam links and political messages were noticed by a Redditor a month ago but Microsoft has done nothing to block it. It seems that Microsoft developed the App, bundled it inside Windows 10, and totally forgot about it.

If you type in Feedback Hub in your Windows Start menu and sign in to the App, you will be fed with a barrage of political troll messages, adult links, casino links, etc. If you try to use the report feature, it is pretty much useless, as hitting the “Report Abuse” button for more than three times in a row for different posts actually disables the tool temporarily.

I searched for feedback relating to Microsoft Edge on the Feedback Hub and found that none of the answers in the App were related to the Microsoft Chromium-based browser. Instead, I found links to an adult website and many pro and anti-Trump posts. As said above, with the upcoming elections, this will only increase unless Microsoft takes strong action against the trollers. The trollers seem to have a verifiable Microsoft account to be able to log into Microsoft Feedback Hub so it won’t be difficult for Microsoft to act.

“Guess this is ultimate proof they don’t read feedback,” a user noted on Reddit. “It is truly incredible to see how hard Microsoft is trying to push me the Linux way,” another user added.


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