How Flashing Lenovo A850+ with MultiLanguage ROM + CWM + Install Gapps

23 May 2014

How Flashing Lenovo A850+ with MultiLanguage ROM + CWM + Install Gapps – Lenovo A850+ is a new smartphone released by Lenovo, this smartphone is upgrade version for Lenovo A850 who already release before. Lenovo A850+ equipped with Octa Core 1.4Ghz MTK6592M, with GPU ARM Mali-450. This smartphone already release on china with price $160, a low budget for high performance smartphone.Most smartphone released on china using ROM from chinese who just there is 2 languages (English and Chinese) and no google apps. This guide will show you on how to Flashing a Multi languages ROM to your Lenovo A850+.

Disclaimer :
This guide for educational purpose only, We not responsible if your device bricked after following this tutorial.  (DWYOR)

Multi languages ROM for Lenovo A850+ already released by developer in NeedRom, But there is no tutorial on how to flashing this ROM to our device therefore i am posting this guide and i hope this guide can help you.

How Flashing Lenovo A850+ with MultiLanguage ROM + CWM + Install Gapps

Downloads :

How Flashing Lenovo A850+ with MultiLanguage ROM + Install Gapps 
  1. Download all needed file and place in one folder, in Lenovo A850+ Multi Languages ROM there is another SP Flash Tool but in chinese language if you know the language than no need to download SP FlashTool v5.1352.01.
  2. Install USB Driver for Lenovo Smartphone to your computer, don’t forget to reboot your computer after install it.
  3. Now enable USB Debugging go to System Settings β†¦ Developer Options β†¦ USB Debugging make sure to check it so the computer will able to detect your device.
  4. Turn off your device, remove the battery to make sure that your device already turn off.
  5. Extract SP FlashTool v5.1352.01 and Lenovo A850+ Multi Languages ROM, go to SP FlashTool v5.1352.01 extracted folder and run Flash Tool
  6. Click on Scatter-Loading button and navigate to Lenovo A850+ Multi Languages ROM extracted folder and select MT6592_Android_scatter file
  7. Click Download button
    How Flashing Lenovo A850+ with MultiLanguage ROM + Install Gapps
  8. It time to begin flashing your device, connect your device to computer and insert battery. Wait a minute for computer to recognized your device and the flash tool will begin to start flashing process, flashing process will take about 2-3 minutes don’t turn off, disconnect or reboot while in flashing process it will brick your device.
  9. Progress bar will show on the bottom of the Flash Tool,  when process flashing finish it will pop up a Download OK with GREEN sign. it means that you now can disconnect your device 
    How Flashing Lenovo A850+ with MultiLanguage ROM + Install Gapps
  10. Done, the flashing process already finish and now you have Lenovo A850+ with multi languages ROM
  11. Repeat step 3 and copy MobileUncle MTK Tool and CWM to your SD Card, Install MobileUncle MTK Tool as usually ignore any warning and continued to install
  12. Open MobileUncle MTK Tool and select Recovery Update navigate to CWM and begin installation process. After finish reboot to recovery.
  13. Congratulations CWM now installed on your device, In Recovery Mode select Install zip β†¦ choose zip from sdcard navigate to Gapps JB 20130812 Signed and begin the installation process, wait process until finish and reboot your device.
  14. Done
Now your Lenovo A850+ already using the Multi Language ROM with CWM custom recovery and already has Google Apps installed. If you need to ROOT your Lenovo A850+ just install SuperSu using CWM, thank you for reading this guide i hope it can help you with your problems….
  1. Thank you for the usefull info, managed to install custom recovery but do you have any ideea how to get rid of the chineese prerecovery menu that appeares when i try to enter recovery with volume up and power btn? Thanks

    1. +darex11 go to /data/data with root explorer or any other explorer that can access root folder.
      delete or move
      recommend to move it.

      after finish reinstall youtube from play store.

      Reply :

      I do this guide and it helped… Thanks admin… Now i got youtube app ady.

  2. hi,
    i need help to flash cwm to my lenovo s939, i already install S939_S910_VIBEUI_V1.5_1419_5_ST_C9FE, any tutorial? is it same with A850 that i can follow really much appreciate if somebody can help me. thank you in advance

    1. I got the same error as you Gustavo, to solve this problem I used the Chinese flash version SP_Flash_Tool_v5.1348.00. It is located inside the Lenovo_A850+_Mutil_language_70_Flash zip file.

      Andy thanks for this awesome tutorial it helped a lot!

    1. Hey man the drivers are on s890 not on a850+ i have problem pcs every time if i will hit F9 and connect the phone to PC nothing happpend…nothing….i waited 30min. and nothing and phone could still boot normaly…please help me

  3. Greetings Sir Suwito,

    First of all, thanks a LOT for your post. Few hours ago, my new A850+ got soft-bricked. It lost its default root access for apparently no reason, and stuck itself on boot logo. I was lucky to have got on this page. Seems like the steps above you pointed out are also feasible to unbrick a A850+ successfullyl. Just thought I should leave a note here about it for future reference of the others. Thank you!


    1. Sir Δ° flashed ROM with SP flash tool but Δ± wrong choose" format all+ download" flashed ok but after IMEI numbers shows invalid and wifi has nvram warning error 0x10 and cant connect wifi conection and wifi mac adress change all time close and open wifi and return factory settings
      How can sol ve this problem sir Δ° have ill for this happend please solv this problem

  4. I'm using windows 8 for my laptop, I've extract USB Driver for Lenovo Smartphone & getting Lenovo_S890_ALL_Driver. But I'm fail to install it… Is it becoz of the window 8 itself?

    2nd try, I skipped the step 1 but I enable the usb debugging on my phone & continue with the step 4, 5, 6,& 7… After I hit the download button, it seems like nothing happen. But after a while when I try to remove / eject my phone then there a pop up "problem ejecting USB composite device. windows can't stop your' lenovo composite ADB interface' device becoz a program is still using it. Close any program that might be using the device, ang then try again later"

    Now my phone still connected with my laptop… Pls help me bro

    1. hi javis,
      i think it possible, but it just swap it means just only one SIM that can used 3G. So it same like any other ROM. unless that this ROM can both use 3G that it must be great. excellence this ROM is you can modified your ROM, from screen server until bootimage. In MIUI there is theme gallery that will make you easy to modified the ROM.beside that this just like another ROM.
      thank you for visit and comments


  5. Andy!, great work mate, now i can finally enjoy my new A850+ in spanish :D. I'm having 1 issue though… I'm unable to switch time zone, whenever I try to do it Configuration app stops. Do you had this issue? is there a different way to change zones? Thanks in advance!

    1. thank you,
      actually you don't need to configure time zone, just select Automatic date & time in system setting. It will automatic adjust depend on your country, but it will take time to change maybe 1-2 hours. And thank you for visit

  6. Hi! I have some issue with Bluetooth connection. It seems not to link with my car BT Radio, in fact my phone is not asking for PIN code, only tries to connect without success… Someone with same problem and how to solve? Thanks in advance.

    1. hello,

      i am sorry but in this blog we only write on how to flash, rooting, install custom recovery and some tricks. if there is any bug on the ROM than so sorry i cannot help you, because ROM not created by me.
      Thank you for visiting

  7. Hi, sorry for asking a lot of questions. I have problem with my BBM (Blackberry Messenger), I downloaded and installed it successfully from Play Store, but I can not open it as it always said "unfortunately, BBM has stopped working". I tried to re-install BBM, restart, upgrade to S124 rom, back to this ROM, and still nothing happened. Please help. Thank you.

    1. Hi eric, sorry about that but i cannot help about this, because it like problem with the firmware. If the problem on firmware you must ask with the dev, i just know about the installatiin progress and the way how to install. Sorry

  8. Hello everyone,

    My girlfriend has a Lenovo A 850 cell phone.

    By mistake she pressed 2 buttons at the same time (she thinks it was the power button + volume button)

    Now all the text is in Chinese – written on a black background with a blue top part of the screen.

    How can she make a "hard" reset of the phone?

    We cannot really find anything in the Internet about that subject, only one website that mentioned, that we have to

    – Turn off phone
    – Press "power-button" and "volume-up"

    at the same time.

    But still everything is in Chinese

    Thx in advance for your comments

  9. thank man you save me a LOT of money, had a lenovo a850+ with CN rom, the tutorial is very clear and easy to follow, i had a problem with the driver because i'm in win 8.1, but reinstalling the driver did the job,
    after flashing i could not change the time zone, but the app timezonechanger did it for me!!
    thank again

    1. hi,
      thank you for visit and leave comment. I am happy to if this guide can help you solve your problems, just keep visit if you have a problems don't hesitate to contact me or leave any comments here.

      thank you

  10. I have a following problem. I cannot access USB Debugging mode on my phone. It's settings are weird, separated in 3 custom tabs on top and no one contain USB Debugging mode. I'm stuck, is there any other way to force this mode ?

  11. Salam…hp lenovo A850 saya tidak dapat bersambung kepada rangkaian Maxis 3G..sedangkan dahulu dapat…hp model lain tiada masalah untuk bersambung ke service provider. Mohon bantuan saudara menyelesaikan masalah saya ini.TQ.

  12. hi mr andy, good day. im now at atep 8. however, when connecting my phone through usb cable, the phone wont boot up and the pc does not detect the device. however, on spflash tool, the download process stopped and i need to click theDownload button again. yet nothing happens. please advise how to overcome this issue. pls note that usb driver has been successfully installed earlier. thanks in advance

    1. the process need phone in the off condition, so if your phone boot up when connecting the usb cable then the process will not start, so from the point it like the SP FLASH TOOL not recognize yoru device right? then your USB VCOM driver not installed correctly, dont open flash tool connect your device without battery and see on your device manager. are the USB VCOM appear or not ?

  13. Hi, My Lenovo A850+ got some serious issues, whenever I power it on too many ads and app download starts automatically even if I close them all they will began again and this time with a few more things. I went to another forum downloaded official firmware, drivers and all necessary tools. After downloading scatter file to sp flash tool when I tried connect my phone to Laptop nothing happened although I already have installed the usb drivers for Lenovo A850+.
    Any suggestions???

    1. I cant help …
      Coba kamu gunakan ip addres manual (ip adres statis_
      caranya :
      kamu centang perlihatkan sandi dan pengaturan lanjutan
      setelah kamu isi sandi wifi, jangan OK dulu, kamu geser kebawah
      , pada IPv4 kamu pilih STATIK,, dan ip adress kamu isi seperti ini ( angka 123 bisa kamu isi suka hati (misal 111, 162 dll) asal jangan lewat 225) trus coba kamu konek…

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