Hey China, Indian Army woman soldiers disassemble and assemble a gun in less than a minute


India vs China: China claims its soldiers assemble rifles and pistols in 99 seconds, look at India’s reply

Raising border tensions between India and China have impacted both the countries and there is a psychological war being played out on social media platforms. Indians have started multiple social media campaigns like #BoycottChineseProducts, #MakeinIndia, and #AtmanirbharBharat to make other citizens aware of the advantages of not buying Chinese products and services. We have already written about the top Non-Chinese smartphones you can buy or how to remove/install 53 mobile applications either made or published by Chinese companies.

One such #BoycottChineseProducts call came from a social and education reformer, Sonam Wangchuk. Wangchuk encouraged Indians to drop the use of Chinese software “within a week.” He inspired many like Milind Soman, Bhavna Arora, etc. to uninstall Apps like TikTok from their smartphones. Wangchuk said Indians have the freedom to choose what they spend on with their wallet and if a country doesn’t treat India fairly then they should use boycotts as “personal economic sanctions.”

The Chinese side isn’t quite either. They are playing a different psychological game altogether. Yesterday, China’s national English language newspaper, Global Times, tweeted “Check out how Chinese soldiers assemble rifles and pistols in 99 seconds while blindfolded.” Remember, the Global Times is an English edition of the Chinese mouthpiece, People’s Daily.  Here is the tweet made by GT.

This is the tweet posted by Global Times in which the Chinese soldiers have assembled rifles and pistols in 99 seconds while blindfolded. Immediately after Global Times tweet the above video, Indians posted hundreds of videos of Indian Army combatants and ITBP Jawans assembling rifles in less than a minute. We have compiled some of the videos below to show you the facts.

Now let’s take a look at the Indian Women’s army video that reassembled a rifle under 45 seconds.

Check out how Indian Men’s army soldiers assembled rifles and pistols in just 55 seconds while blindfolded.

Look at another video from Indian ITBP Jawans assembling Assault Rifles in less than a minute

It seems that China and their mouthpiece, Global Times lost this round of the psychological warfare to the Indians just like they lost out on the night of 15th at the Patrol Point 14 of Galwan Valley.


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