Here’s everything You need to know about PUBG Mobile New ‘Secret Map’ aka Fourex


PUBG Mobile has a new Secret Map for PUBG aka Fourex and you should play it

If you are a PUBG fan and play PUBG on your Android smartphone and iPhone, you might have seen some teasers about a new map. Yes, a new secret map for PUBG mobile that has nothing to do with Karakin map or Erangel 2.0. It all started when the official PUBG Mobile social media channel tweeted a four-piece jigsaw puzzle hinting a new map.

Most guessed it as a new map for the PUBG PC version. Well, these guesses were wrong as the latest 0.19.0 beta for PUBG Mobile released in China includes the new map and is the part of the Classic battle royale mode.

This means that the teaser was for a map that was only for PUBG mobile and has not yet made it to the PC or console version of the game. What is this map?

Secret map in PUBG mobile

The name of this new map has not been released by the PUBG dev team so it is called the secret map. It was revealed by popular PUBG Mobile YouTuber Powerbang Gaming.

The secret map is like a crossway between all the existing ones. The secret map has snow as well as a desert with all the grasslands and trees in between. You can see the secret map for PUBG Mobile in this video:

Some PUBG Mobile players have speculated that the secret PUBG mobile map is called ‘Fourex‘ since it includes parts of all four maps. At first glance, the secret map appears small. Powerbang says that the map size is just a 2x2km map.

However, the secret map has a lot of design changes. The new secret map brings a new shotgun called SPAS 12 that has a built-in silencer and a smaller spread, making it lethal for short-range combat. The topography has changed so have the building and houses. The map also includes the usual vehicles include the motorbike, UAZ, buggy, and so on. It also includes a new monster truck that can basically drive over almost anything including boulders. There are also some new waterfalls in the map. Apart from these, there are also a bunch of loot crates in different parts of the map that are mostly loaded with a fully kitted gun including a scope, extended mag, and foregrips.

Update your PUBG mobile and enjoy the new secret map.


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