Here is why you should enable the Windows 10 hardware accelerated GPU scheduling?


Here is why you should enable the Windows 10 hardware-accelerated GPU scheduling?

If you follow the developer updates and patch notes of Windows 10 you must be aware of this new hardware-accelerated GPU scheduling feature. You may have noticed a mysterious new optional feature called Hardware Accelerated GPU Scheduling to appear in the advanced graphics settings page with the Windows 10 May 2020 update.

Hardware-accelerated GPU scheduling is a feature new that comes with Microsoft’s May 2020 aka 2004 update and has now been supported by both NVIDIA and AMD via driver updates. This feature is not to be confused with DirectX 12 Ultimate, which was delivered in the same Windows update. Hardware-accelerated GPU scheduling is supported on Pascal and Turing cards from NVIDIA, as well as AMD’s 5600 and 5700 series of cards.

Enabling hardware-accelerated GPU scheduling requires Windows 10 2004, a supported GPU, and the latest drivers for that GPU (NVIDIA version 451.48, AMD version 20.5.1 Beta). With those requirements satisfied, a switch labeled “Hardware-accelerated GPU Scheduling” should appear in the Windows 10 “Graphics Settings” menu, off by default. Enabling the feature requires a reboot. This switch is the only visible sign of the new feature.

After upgrading to Windows 10 May 2020 Update, you would need to download Nvidia GeForce 451.48+ or Adrenalin 2020 Edition, 20.5.1 Beta driver. While the Nvidia GeForce 451.48 enables GPU scheduling support for everyone, AMD has currently limited the availability of its new driver to beta testers. Once you’ve got the latest version of Windows 10 and drivers, you can turn on or off the feature using Settings and Windows Registry.

How to turn on/off Hardware Accelerated GPU Scheduling on your Windows 10 version 2004?

  1. Open Start Menu and tap on the Settings cog icon.
  2. In Settings, click on ‘System’ and open the ‘Display’ tab.
  3. Under the “Multiple Displays” section, select “Graphics settings”.
  4. Turn on or off the “Hardware-accelerated GPU scheduling” option.
  5. Restart the system.
  6. Done

This will boost your Games and apps graphics by a great margin. If you find any difficulties while enabling Hardware Accelerated GPU Scheduling on your Windows 10 version 2004, do mention in the comment section below. For more news on tech and cybersecurity stay tuned on Android Rookies by subscribing to our newsletter from here.


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