Here is how you can enable Dark Mode on Google Search


How to Enable Dark Mode on Google Search and for all websites

With the Dark Mode becoming both a need and a fashion statement, Google yesterday unveiled its own Dark Mode for Google Search. It makes sense for Google its Google search with dark mode to keep up with this new trend. Google has already introduced Dark Mode for Gmail and other Apps. It also has released the new Android 10 update with dark modes on Android smartphone and now it has brought Dark Mode to its Google search page.

Google is planning to bring the Google Search Dark Mode to work on all platforms including Desktop, Android smartphones, tablets, iPhones, iPads, and macOS run MacBooks and PCs. However, it has now released the Google Search Dark Mode for Android smartphones. Remember, the Google Search Dark Mode is a work in progress and you may find some bugs in the feature going forward.

How to enable Google Search Dark Mode on your Android smartphone/tablet

There are two ways in which you can enable the Dark Mode for Google Search on your Android smartphone and tablet right now.

The first method requires you to update the Canary version of Chrome for Android to the latest version and then access the experimental flags screen by typing the following code in the address bar:


Using the search box in this screen, look for the following flag in Google Chrome:

Show darkened search pages on Android

The setting is turned off by default, you have to toggle it to ON and restart the browser. Henceforth Google Search will be available for you in dark mode whenever you load the page in Chrome.

The second method doesn’t require you to update your Google Chrome but it little bit painstaking. You have to modify the URL of the search results page by adding the following code at the end of the link:


Just hit enter and the Google Search will display results in Dark Mode.

If you want your full Chrome to be displayed in Dark Mode, go to


Using the search box in this screen, look for the following flag in Google Chrome:

Force Dark Mode For Web Contents

The Dark Mode for Web Contents is set to default in Android smartphones. If you want all your websites to appear in Dark Mode, toggle it to Enable. Now all the websites will be forced to display in Dark Mode. Remember, this too is an experimental feature and can have bugs that Google will fix once they are noticed.


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